Get Bent Into Shape About it. ~ Sharon Marrama

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on Aug 30, 2010
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Consider a chiropractor to maintain spinal health.

FYI: 85 percent of the US population will have back pain sometime in their life.

It goes without saying that lack of mobility can lead to both mental and physical problems. Your emotional state, immune system, sleep, blood pressure and bone density are all at risk. To keep your spine in good health takes work and regular exercise. But you can also benefit from spinal alignment adjustments to correct posture. That means entering into the care off a chiropractor.

FYI: 85 percent of the US population will have back pain sometime in their life.

Over 10 years ago I had my first episode with back pain. We had just moved into our home and I am sure I did way too much lifting. Pay professional movers? Never thought of it at the time. I am not kidding when I say I could not move; I still remember the pain. It got me emotional as well and all I could think was, “How can I live the rest of my life like this.” Well, I never really thought of going to the hospital, thinking all they would do was give me meds and maybe suggest surgery. I know that is an extreme thought process, but if you know me, you know that is how I really think. I asked my daughter to drive me to Franson Chiropractic in Beverly. I happened to work with Dr. Stephen Franson’s mom at the time and I trusted him. His wife Camilla became my heroine. After several visits she had my back in pretty good condition. She educated me on good spinal health care and convinced me to maintain my spinal care with regular monthly visits — that was 10 years ago.

FYI: 85 percent of the US population will have back pain sometime in their life.

I have moved on to another practice, but that is for convenience only and I still would recommend Franson Chiropractic. But now my monthly visits are to North Shore Spine and Rehabilitation Center in Woburn. Dr. Pendalino and Lisa are great! Lisa is friendly and very knowledgeable with insurance benefits. Dr. Pendalino takes time to explain the different treatment approaches available. There are many causes of back pain and each patient’s treatment is unique. You may be treated for relief, corrective or wellness.

FYI: 85 percent of the US population will have back pain sometime in their life.

Some of the causes of back pain include: fractures, degenerative disk disease, herniated disk, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, sprains and stains, cancer, kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis. Diagnosis is made with a physical examination and maybe x-rays, Ct scan, MRI, myleogram, disography, EMG (nerve conduction study), bone density or bone scans.

FYI: 85 percent of the US population will have back pain sometime in their life.

The spine can compress on nerves that “feed” certain areas of the body, so chiropractic adjustments can help with many day to day ailments (ADHD, allergies and asthma included). Dr. Pendalino’s overflowing with information including an interactive spine that illustrates each disk and the organs and nerves affected. So keeping theses disks from compressing or having spinal adjustments to correct posture can help. Chiropractic therapy is not a new concept, Hippocrates suggested we “get knowledge of the spine for it is the requisite for many illnesses.” To continue the preventative wellness approach to maintain good spinal health once a month, I take a few minutes and get adjusted!

Did I mention that 85 percent of the US population will have back pain sometime in their life?

Sharon was born in the Boston suburb of Woburn, Massachusetts in 1957. As the first of five children, Sharon quickly learned to become a leader, mediator and communicator.

Aside from family commitments and the joy of spending quality time with her grandson Connor, Sharon is dedicated to the following goals: enhancing her writing skills as she prepares to write a book, developing her yoga practice and finishing her college degree. Sharon’s long term goals include preserving balance in her daily life, maintaining a healthy mind-body-spirit and living a fulfilled life.

To learn more about Sharon and her passions, visit her website and blog.


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