August 16, 2010

Sexing Up Our Kids.

Skinny Jeans and High Heels for Babies.

As if high heels, padded kiddie bikinis, thong underwear, stripper poles, and denim diapers weren’t enough, parents are now able to buy their toddler their own pair of skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans are just the latest item in a larger cumulative force that is turning babies, toddlers and children into miniature adults, in large part through overt sexualization.

Between the celebration of gyrating 7-year-olds, Baby Gaga‘s featured on Youtube, sexy toy makeovers, virgin waxing, glammed up toddlers in fashion advertising, and clothing with sexualized content such as “I’m a boob man,” “Lock up your daughters” or “Does this diaper make my butt look big? girls and boys are being harried into premature adulthood by corporate marketing forces seeking profit.

Originally posted at Feminist Fatale. Heelarious photo courtesy of Jagrap‘s Flickr stream, CC 2.0.

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Ariella M Apr 11, 2013 7:40pm

I have definately noticed this new trend in children's clothing. My baby cousin has been wearing skinny jeans all along. I don't even think my mom would dress my sister and I in jeans until we were older. She knew that we were young and that we wanted to play around in comfortable clothing. Now comfort even for children is not a concern. Mothers rather worry about their children looking cute. None of the children in my family wear shirts that say things like "Lock up your daughters" but I have noticed a large number of such items at small boutiques. A while back I saw a lot of stuff similar to what is expalined above at a small children's boutique at Century City mall. It sucks that little children are being forced to look like adult from such a young age.

Donna Feb 12, 2012 9:52am

As women, we are sexualized from the time of birth by pedaphiles until the time of our passing by necrophiliacs. Throughout history we have been abused, molested, taunted and compelled to perform for other women and most of all, for sick and disgusting men. Men love to molest us as little girls because it gives them a supieriority complex. So hey, that daddy wants to buy the diapers that make his little baby boy or girl have a sexy ass. As they get older, those nasty parents teach their little girls and some times thier little boys, how to put on make-up and how to start acting like adults. This gives the parents the ability to teach thier children everything they can in order to gratify thier own sick and twisted love affairs of lust. Heck, my mom had me waxed down there when I was a toddler and I’m now in my twenties & I still don’t have any hair down there now but, when I was between nine and eleven years old, I was also raped because thats what daddy and his “business associates” wanted to feel when they abused me. But hey, my folks taught me how to dance like a stripper and they told me what what to expect and what I had to perform as such. But at least they taught me a good profession that I am good at despite the abuses and incest I had to go through to get here. So hey, taunting our kids may not be socialy accepted but it is still a reality that has existed from the book of Genesis all the way up to today. It has not changed, it will never change and despite all the protests and complaints, it still exists. So why complain? Kids have and always will be exploited, just ask Lewis Carroll or Oscar Wilde or if you are more up to date you can talk with Peter Townshend or Madonna, they all “love” kids and still no one cares. So is it child abuse and exploitation or is it just a social reality that we don’t know how to label?

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Melanie Klein

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