Stick your tongue out at Tibetans.

Via elephant journal
on Aug 16, 2010
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When in Rome Tibet…

Why? Via LA Times:

In the movie, “Seven Years in Tibet,” the Brad Pitt character encounters a group of Tibetans who all at once stick out their tongues at him. No explanation is offered, but this custom has a long history.

A 9th century Tibetan king, Lang Darma, known for his cruelty, had a black tongue. As Buddhists, Tibetans believe in reincarnation, and they feared that this mean king would be reincarnated. Consequently, for centuries Tibetans have greeted one another by sticking out their tongues demonstrating that they do not have black tongues, that they are not guilty of evil deeds, that they are not incarnations of the malevolent king.


This custom reportedly derives from a belief that demons have black tongues, and sometimes that is all that differentiates them visually from humans. A demon won’t stick out its tongue in greeting because you’ll see the color and know it for what it is.




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2 Responses to “Stick your tongue out at Tibetans.”

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  2. Mongol says:

    I explain you, why tibetians have tongue greeting. Tibetians were one of vassal states of Great Mongolian Empire around 1210. Genghis khaan asked once Tanguts (tibetians ancestry) to help on defeating Khorezm shah in 1219. Tanguts refused to Genghis khaan, also joked on his majesty. Genghis khaan said in the first defeat Khorezm shah, after that will look after tibetians. Mongols won in the battle with Khorezm. And Mongols started to count in with Tibetians, then 65 years old king Genghis khaan died behalf of fell off his horse during the hunting. Mongols won over Tibetians however the king died. Also Mongols found out tibetians made perdition on Mongols for 7 generation. Mongols still think abusive people have black tongue. Therefore Mongols started to kill tibetians, who had black tongue. Every tibetian shows his tongue for the meaning that he is not abusive man, when Mongols came on horses. That is why Tibetians have tongue greeting. Also after 7 generation (7×60=420 years, by Asian calendar 60 years is one generation) Mongols became a vassal state of Manchu Chin Empire accurately from 1636 to 1675. Manchu people were one of Mongol Empire tribes.Mongols will totally get out from this perdition around 2056 (1636+420= 2056). Also Mongolian economics started to become fast growth in the world during last few years. Now our world have so many wars and is going to collapse globally. Who knows, may be Mongols get right the world again.