August 26, 2010

The Middle Way.

Which way is your way?

Ok, so I’m just back from the pool, had a lovely swim (about 40 lengths, but whose counting), and a sauna. But while I’m sitting in the sauna, I’m thinking to myself: there are three lanes in the pool; slow lane, intermediate and fast lane. These are completely self-regulated. Which seems to be a huge lesson from a yogi/inis point of view.

You see, if I’m an average swimmer (but I think I’m less than average), I’m going to choose the slow lane. Either I’m going to either get slightly frustrated that people can’t keep up with me and they keep getting in my way or I’m going to puff out my chest and think I’m a great lad for being quicker than everyone else.

If I choose the fast lane, thinking that I’m an ubercool swimmer, then I’m either going to get in the way and upset folks or (and this is a good one) I’ll wait till there’s nobody in the fast lane before I go for a swim.  That way I can’t be proved wrong in my self-proclaimed abilities.

Yeah I know, I should probably try to meditate in the sauna rather than thinking so much.  But, I always choose the intermediate lane myself, mainly because Buddha said that the middle way is best!

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Read 3 comments and reply

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