August 10, 2010

Top 10 Things to Comfort a Pregnant Lady. ~ Emma Blue

Beyond ice cream and pedicures.

As an active (and thankfully healthy) pregnant lady, these are the top 10 “things” which have brought me comfort during the weird/alien/spiritual experience of morphing with another human:

  1. Playing in water and being near water is therapeutic. I especially enjoy the feeling of interconnectedness or “full circle” of life that is present with water. My baby is immersed in water inside of me, I am mostly water, in water and our physical bodies will one day recycle into water.
  2. Silver Colloidal works wonders for all kinds of ailments, particularly a little known side effect of pregnancy hormones called “incredibly sensitive taste buds and gums”. I like to gargle with it. It is a natural antibiotic and can be used for ear infections as well as yeast infections! *check with your health care provider before using any supplements and always follow the directions!
  3. Massage during pregnancy can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a massage table and your beloved is doing most of the massage. I found relaxing in a standing forward fold to be a great position for my beloved to massage around my spine before applying cold arnica gel. Massage is an important way to help the body while its cells regenerate at an extraordinary rate during pregnancy.
  4. Sitting meditation is a practice I have continued for many years. I was surprised to find that while pregnant, I don’t feel telepathic with the being inside of me. What I do gain from sitting and focusing my attention on my breath and softening my belly is a sense of sanity and slowing down as well as a good feel for the baby’s position.
  5. Dancing like nobody is watching, especially in the dark with a broom, this always invigorates with a sense of joy. You know, joy!
  6. Jun/ Kombucha for increased digestive power and aid in “elimination”, elimination being my arch nemesis during pregnancy, and Jun being the only thing that works for me.
  7. Poutine has been my most consistent, eat-it-when-I-have-no-appetite food. Poutine is a Quebecois specialty consisting traditionally of french fries with steaming hot gravy and a sprinkling of cheese curds. When I can’t find cheese curds in the U.S, I substitute mozzarella (yes, people do make vegetarian/vegan poutine).
  8. Prayer: focusing on everything I have that I am grateful for, rather than worrying about the prenatal vitamin I forgot to take, or what kind of designer stroller I won’t have (damn you beautiful Bugaboo’s!).
  9. Kissing—that’s how babies get in here and the oxytocin kissing produces helps relax and get labor going. Might as well practice reconnecting again in the study of love and the art of kissing.
  10. Photographs—nine months moves quickly, photographs help time stand still and offer a gateway to reflecting on the constant change that is life.

What did or do you love to do?

Emma Blue is a writer and yogi who lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and growing fetus. There are few things she savors more than locally grown produce, family and an ice cold glass of Jun.

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