“Vegans are Better Than Everybody.”

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Scott Pilgrim Entering a Vegan Induced Twilight Zone

If you saw the movie “Scott Pilgrim Versus the World” , you will see that Scott Pilgrim fights a…vegan. The quote is said while they are fighting “Didn’t you know, vegans are better than everybody.”  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go see it, it is funny and pretty awesome!

A lot of times, vegans or vegetarians are interpreted as being “Self Righteous” or “holier than thou”.  This is very untrue in most cases. If a person is a vegan for ethical reasons, then being vegan is actually a selfless action! It isn’t about you at all. Deciding to change your life to a vegan lifestyle is a big decision.  Once one makes the choice to  save the lives of animals, everything is turned upside down.

Being vegan means that you are looking for the truth. Trying to make the connections that relate to life, compassion, all beings, etc. Sometimes, uncovering the truth of the matter can be difficult and unsettling. It can also be very freeing once you realize you have the power to change the world!

Giving up eating meat can be difficult for some and giving up cheese can be even more difficult for others!  I mean, seriously, who wants to pass on a hot, cheesy slice of pizza?  It’s hard.  But when you know where that cheese comes from and the sacrifice the animal must make, that pizza becomes less appealing.  But it is still hard!  Self righteous?…I don’t think so, just looking out for the well being of all beings!

A vegan lifestyle can be tough sometimes too…You have to read labels on everything in order to make a conscious decision on what to buy and to ensure that there has been no cruelty involved in what you use or eat!  But if you are doing it for the right reasons, trust me it is not that hard!  It actually becomes quite easy and a wonderful lifestyle.  It is very freeing, both mentally and physically!  Your body will feel clean and healthy and your heart will be filled with compassion!

So, if you encounter a vegetarian or vegan and they seem “self righteous” or “preachy”, please try to keep in mind the reason they are veg or vegan and know that they are not “preaching” for themselves, they are sharing the freedom of all. They want everyone to feel what they feel.  They want all to be free!  Vegans are not better than everybody, we are all equal.

Do vegans have special powers? I don’t know…do we?

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About Mary Holland

Mary Holland is a Vegan, a yogi, lover of life and new found blogger. She discusses everything from freedom for all beings, vegan recipes and yoga. Check her blog out at Changing The World, One Veggie at a Time.


13 Responses to ““Vegans are Better Than Everybody.””

  1. Kiwi Yogi says:

    I have basil plant growing in my kitchen. When I pull some of its leaves off to eat I feel that I am inflicting suffering upon it and I feel bad about that. The Secret Life of Plants made me aware of this, so I know it is not just in my head. What is the solution?

    • Blake says:

      Put down "suffering."

    • lisaallthingsvegan says:

      hi kiwi, if you really see no difference between "pulling leaves off your basil plant" and slaugthering animals that have brains and nervous systems and clearly the capacity to suffer, well, if you really see no difference then i suggest you become a strict vegan bc you will be saving so many plants!!! by eating them though eating animals you would be killing at least 7 times as many plants.

  2. Blake says:

    "Being vegan means that you are looking for the truth. Trying to make the connections that relate to life, compassion, all beings, etc."

    By the same token, NOT being a vegetarian does not mean you AREN'T looking for truth. It just means you have come to a different conclusion about our roles as human beings and stewards of the planet.

  3. Suasoria says:

    Blake, I like how you put that – coming to different conclusions. I'm vegan and I do try to remind myself and others that not everyone has it in them to act ethically towards animals. Not everyone will get to a place of seeing an animal as a "someone," not a "something." It's just reality.

    • OpenEyes says:

      dude, that right there is being self righteous. can't you see that you are placing your conclusion on a higher level than, say, someone who has concluded that as a biological omnivore it is best to treat animal with respect and still enjoy organic pasture raised feta produced by a local farmer? some conclude that it is best to be vegan others conclude that it is best to be vegetarian and eat humanely produced eggs and dairy and still others conclude that if they can personally take the life of an animal and harvest the meat then they have paid due respect to that life. I would not judge any of them. They have reached their own conclusions and they may perhaps change their mind at some point…even from vegan back to omnivore…

  4. Ben Ralston says:

    Good article!
    I have been vegetarian for about 10 years now, and was vegan for 2 years, until about 18 months ago.
    My diet is VERY good – my wife and I know a lot about nutrition, diet, fasting…
    When I ate a piece of cheese at the end of that two years, I felt like I’d taken opium: every cell in my body rejoicing and breathing a big sigh of relief. I know now that I couldn’t be strictly vegan again.
    Love, Ben

  5. ARCreated says:

    My ONLY comment is this…I don't even have to say ANYTHING and meat eaters get defensive. I am truly in a space of non-judging and non-preaching. But SERIOUSLY if while ordering dinner I request no cheese and because my requests get ignored or belittled unless I make them Clear I am half tempted to blame allergies because of how defensive non-veggies get…I'm not out to change you, so if you are THAT reactive maybe you should go examine your conscious…seriously I get really tired of how disrespectful and rude people are ..

    You don't eat meat? Well I'm a real man I like me some dead animal flesh — that's the latest line I heard…GROSS…go wallow in your testesterone away from me.
    I just ask for people to respect my choice and be a little sensitive. I live with a an omnivore and we never have an issue because he is respectful of my reasons so he is thoughtful about it…How hard is that?

  6. SevaSouleYoga says:

    Thanks for this. I've recently been perceiving some self-righteousness from some vegan friends and now maybe I can perceive differently: they feel good, want everyone to feel good. Like this a lot!

  7. ellen chamberlin says:

    please elaborate on vegans are looking for truth. what truth? truth about what?

  8. ellen chamberlin says:

    ps DO IT!!!

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