Vitaminwater = Sugarfat. ~ John Spina

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on Aug 20, 2010
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“Coke was sued for the ‘unwarranted health claims’ on their product Vitaminwater. Coke’s defense was ‘no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage.'”

Also: vitaminwater is not vegan (the vitamin D is from sheep grease).(

After all, it’s owned by Coca-Cola.

Get this: Coca-Cola is being sued for falsely advertising Vitamin Water as a healthy way to hydrate. But wait for the good part. The company’s defense in the court of law is that

“No consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking Vitamin Water was a healthy beverage.”

As ridiculous as that sounds, basically saying that no sensible consumer would actually believe the company’s own advertising claims, it makes sense. The only time I drink Vitaminwater is to cure a hangover (it works) and I never thought that it was such a healthy drink, despite its supposedly misleading name.  I mean, come on, it’s basically pure sugar, the equivalent to Gatorade or Powerade.  If you really thought it was such a healthy alternative and solid source of vitamins…you need to get real. It tastes like sugar water, the nutrition facts on the back of the bottle says it contains 33 grams of sugar…how could someone actually think that it is such a healthy drink? Merely because of its name and the star athletes who promote it?  Plus what health freak would attempt to get their daily dose of vitamins from a drink owned by Coca-Cola, no less?

I find it ridiculous that the Center for Science in the Public Interest is actually suing Coca-Cola over this.  Don’t they have something better to research in the public’s interest than test the validity of Vitamin Water’s claim to be a health drink? If anything, I believe this speaks to the absurdity and ignorance of the American Public.  Are we really that indoctrinated and handcuffed by advertising that we can no longer think for, nor take of ourselves?

That said, I can’t defend Coca-Cola. They’ve been accused of murdering, kidnapping, illegally imprisoning, and even torturing union leaders in their South American bottling plants. The organization Killer Coke has begun to spread the message in attempts to reveal the brutal nature of Coca-Cola’s business model and hold them responsible.

John Spina currently attends the University of Vermont in Burlington where he will graduate with a double major in history and political science in 2011.  He writes sports for the school paper, the Vermont Cynic, as well as publishes weekly articles in the Mountain Ear, a local Nederland paper, and works as an Intern for the Elephant Journal. He loves spending time outdoors with his dog, McKinley, and being home in Colorado working for the summer.


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7 Responses to “Vitaminwater = Sugarfat. ~ John Spina”

  1. Joseph Boquiren says:

    I basically avoid Coca Cola products. But since the brand offers such an overwhelming array of products, one needs to be vigilant. A list of their products is below:

  2. tea margvelashvili says:

    @Joseph,i clicked to check out the site the link that u shared and this is the message iam getting,love it:We apologize but we can’t serve you at this time,haha

    and @john great short article and to the point,thank u and all one has to do is look at the back of the bottle for nutritional content to figure out that nothing with that amount of sugar is even close to been healthy but i see college kids buying them by the case anyway,so go figure

  3. Derek Beres says:

    I'm glad you're writing about this, John, but you are wrong on one point: that the CSPI is wasting their time on litigation. Part of the organization's missions statement is "to represent the citizen's interests before regulatory, judicial and legislative bodies on food, alcohol, health, the environment, and other issues." This clearly falls in those lines; it's a consumer protection group, and this is part of what such organizations do, to both hold corporations accountable for advertising, and to raise awareness about such issues. That you're blogging about it is proof that it works. If you look at how Vitamin Water has positioned itself, it completely acts as if it is a healthy beverage; that's good that you realize that it's not, but plenty of people do not understand that those 33 grams of sugar do not need to be in water.

  4. Namaste, “Tea” you are right…it does say, “Sorry but we cannot serve you at this time”, however if you click on the tabs up above it does open. Sadly to demonstrate to consumers that Coca Cola is all about the “WELL BEING” of the public and that “They care” so much about us…ect. I got bored and it was a wast of my time…one has to click through many “clicks” just to get to the products. Luckily I make my own fruit juices the natural way so I do not have to worry towards contributing to their business.

    Thank you John for the article, it is informative and best wishes to your endeavors. peace, Iris

  5. karen says:

    I am embarrassed to say I did not know that VW was owned by Coke. Shame on me. I used to drink their green tea "Rescue Water" and I never looked at the sugar content. I thought it was cold green tea. Shame on me again. They actually stopped making that kind completely. I tried other flavors but now, knowing about the sugar, i won't drink it at all. But what commercially available drink can you drink besides water? I am a big runner and I need something more.

  6. Colin Wiseman says:

    Irn Bru. It's a great Scottish drink. In Scotland it out sells all of coke's product…we are the only country that can say that :-). Irn Bru is a killer hangover cure, and mostly sugar!