9/11, an outside job? ~ Satyavira Matthew Lombardo

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on Sep 17, 2010
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200 activists gathered to raise public awareness that three, not just two, World Trade Center high-rise buildings collapsed symmetrically at near free-fall acceleration on 9/11/01.

9/11 was an outside job this year.

On Sept 11th 2010, Four 2-billion-candlepower beams were sent up into the night sky from a truck parked on a city corner not too far from Ground Zero. It shined for 2 hours. One passerby, a fireman said he was “expecting Batman to show up, not Christian Bale. Michael Keaton maybe.” I was there and it was doper then dope.

Have a look for yourself.

A helicopter circled by, but there were no arrests or police or a single mention from any NYC paper or local TV affiliate. I was there with my girlfriend and 200 other activists of all stripes and occupations. But the message was clear.

The reason was to raise public awareness that three, not just two, World Trade Center high-rise buildings collapsed symmetrically at near free-fall acceleration on 9/11/01 though only two were hit by planes.

For those unfamiliar with WTC 7, on Sept 11th 2001, at 5:20 pm WTC 7 , a 47 story steel framed building disappeared in 6.5 seconds into its own footprint. This building was not hit by a plane and had minimal fires.

It is also a fact that the 9/11 Commission Report, the official story on what transpired earlier this decade does not mention WTC 7 a single time on a single page. All 664 pages. If you really wanted to burn a book , it would be this one.

But lets veer away from the details of the political factory farming crime of the century.

This is about the light breaking through. This is about being participants in joy and free humanity and standing up for truth and accountability. This is what it looks like when people and ideas come together. It happened in New York and I know its happening near you.


Asatho Maa Sad Gamaya Thamaso Maa Jyothir Gamaya Mrithyor Maa Amritham Gamaya

Lead me from untruth to truth; Lead me from darkness to light; Lead me from death to immortality.

With proper tapas (inner fire) and vision, a payoff will come though when there is uncertainty. But make no mistake that the healing will come. The light will break through the dark sky figuratively and in this case , literally.

Stick with it and stay tuned.

Resistance is fertile.

Satyavira Matthew Lombardo is a Jivamukti yoga insurgent, who has been teaching asana and dharma in NYC since 2003 and has led workshops all over North America. He is co-founder of The Foundation of Yoga with Derek Beres as a vehicle for social activism and political discourse in the yoga community. He is featured at this years Yoga4peace in NYC’s Battery Park Sept 19th, and has recently grown a mustache, which is exciting in it own way.


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10 Responses to “9/11, an outside job? ~ Satyavira Matthew Lombardo”

  1. Ben_Ralston says:

    Great piece.
    I totally get that many things don't add up about 9/11. The 'official' version, or the one that seems to be accepted, simply makes no sense.
    However, I don't understand how anyone could have persuaded / brainwashed / hypnotised / 14 people to do what they did… nor do I understand why anyone would be motivated to. Oil / an excuse to invade Iraq is the best anyone's come up with so far, but really? Would they?!
    If anyone has any answers, please contact me via facebook, or leave a message here.
    Thanks, Ben

  2. Derek Beres says:

    I don't personally have answers, but the new issue of the New Yorker has the most in-depth article probably yet written about what led up to it, and should be read widely. Also, Eliza Griswold's excellent new book, The 10th Parallel, which looks at the battle between Christianity and Islam in Sudan, Somalia, Malaysia, the Philippines and elsewhere along the equatorial line offers amazing insights into how the event developed. I know for a while I would have given credence to the inside job idea, but with the reporting that's being done, there are so many other factors that have led to us, including America's missionary explorations/exploitations in the early 20th century.

  3. Satyavira says:

    Hi Ben,

    Peter Dale Scott's "The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America is a great place to get started.

    This Is An Orange http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=389896250

    [email protected]

    This Is An Orange http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=389896250

  4. Ben_Ralston says:

    Hi Derek and Satya

    Neither of the links work (by the way – oranges?)
    Thanks for the book tips, I'll check them out.

    With love, Ben

  5. Lynn Hasselberger says:

    Intriguing. I had recently stumbled across this documentary about 9/11 that pokes many holes into what we've been led to believe. It's a MUST SEE! http://zero911movie.com/site/


  6. Petr Buben says:

    911 is, of course, a controlled demolition inside terror job. per irrefutable scientific evidence, and per common sense too. Have you see the footage? 11 floors per second pulverizing midair, imploding into pyroclastic cloud. Speed close to free fall, nanothermite found on site. Uniform collapses, into their own footprints. All 3 towers.

    @911news , http://www.ae911truth.org , http://www.911blogger.com

  7. Satyavira says:

    On September 13, 2009, Dr. Graeme MacQueen presented a speech titled, 9/11 Truth: the Challenge to the Peace Movement, at the conference, "We Demand Transparency! For Peace, Truth, and a New Economics. I find it a powerful and exactly the kind of discussion Elephant readers and writers should be having. It's sorely under addressed.

  8. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    Why did Jon Stewart and his wife
    change their names on 19 JUN 01?

  9. Go into globalresearch.ca, read those texts from Andrew Gavin Marshall about Global Power and Global Government.
    911 is the work of the NWO and will continue.
    It´s all in the internet, if you dig deep enough. Alex Jones is a bit loud , but tells the truth about what happens behind Obama.
    We are close to WWIII, so be prepared.