September 23, 2010

An Inside Look at Fashion Night Out in New York City. ~ Elana Staroselsky

The floor of Prada was covered in an artificial, plush-green grass and upon entering a man in a stunning black suit hands me a glass of champagne. As if I don’t feel VIP enough I look over and Dakota Fanning is standing less than five feet away. She is dressed in a stunning black dress with her hair pulled back, coming off sophisticated as ever for a 16 year old. A few feet from Dakota was Grace Coddington, the creative director of Vogue. Grace was easy to spot with her frizzy red hair and stern look. Right outside I caught a glimpse of Chris Brown climbing into his limousine. Feeling giddy with excitement, I made my way through the crowds of people along Fifth Avenue and felt like I experienced New York City in all its glamour.

There is no better way to familiarize oneself with New York City’s reputation for holding the rich and famous within its high reaching buildings as attending Fashion’s Night Out. The event began only last year in hope of combating the economic downturn in the name of fashion. The streets were bustling with people from all over the country being unified by the passion they have for the world of fashion. The window displays of designer stores held live models within them, attracting gawking crowds. Each store came alive with their own DJ’s, blasting beats that could be heard out in the street. There were men in sharp suits making their rounds with trays of champagne for the taking. Not everyone was there to physically purchase a new Prada bag or a Marc Jacobs accessory but all attendees seemed to be glowing with appreciation for fashion and all of the hype around it.

Fashion Night Out wasn’t just about the celebrities. It wasn’t solely about the clothes most people can’t afford to splurge on. For me, it embodied a bigger picture-one that was embraced by the public. It was defined by the girl who ran up to my friend and I, asking if she could take our picture for her fashion blog. There are more fashion blogs popping up everyday by people outside of NYC or LA. The people who came to the events put on by Fashion Night Out aren’t the same crowds who sat at fashion shows twenty years ago. A model’s definition isn’t just the girl walking down the catwalk anymore. Today, fashion is capable of spreading so much deeper into the public. I loved seeing what everyone wore that night. There was limitless creativity between wardrobe and each unique trend. The appreciation for each other’s style could be witnessed on each block. I heard a young man tell a girl in an original, home-made sequined jacket that he wanted one just like it.

Someone who leads a “regular” life, itching to be noticed from their living room, has nothing holding them back. In today’s world partaking in the fashion scene is something I can do at the same time as college and a job. The whole realm of media draws me in as a perspective career but being in New York City showed me I can contribute to fashion from wherever I am.

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