Yet another website devoted to objectifying women? Thanks, “Girls in Yoga Pants”!

Via Krystal Baugher
on Sep 20, 2010
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Yogini Got Back: the instant popularity of “Girls in Yoga Pants.”

{It’s huge}


Because women can’t just practice yoga—they now get to be yoga sex objects.

I mean really, that’s why we women do it, right? To turn on heterosexual men? We couldn’t possibly practice yoga for our own mental, spiritual and physical health reasons.


Girls in Yoga Pants is devoted to the fetishization of nicely shaped rumps in various states—having six categories—hall of fame, celebrity, amateur, in public, big booty, and actual yoga—the site lives and breathes off of real women choosing to participate in these shenanigans.

All pics are sent in or approved by the actual “models”—so the deeper question is why do they bother? Are we really starving for attention so badly that we need the approval of random (mainly male) strangers to boost our already too low self-esteeem?

With other existing objectfying sites like Playboy Yoga and the graphic Nude Yoga Girls [link removed, uck], one must come to the realization that nothing is sacred in our ever-expanding capitalist society.

Sex sells.

Yoga is super-popular.

Sex and yoga equals big money.


But what about the women who contribute to these mega money sales? On a site like Girls in Yoga Pants, the women are not even human beings, they are in fact, just asses—and I mean that literally and figuratively.  And yet they seem to enjoy the celebrity of their own asses, even if no one knows who they really are.

Perhaps they should re-title the site to Girls With Low Self-Esteem who feed off Slimey Comments Who Wear Yoga Pants but don’t really give a Rat’s Ass About Yoga.


About Krystal Baugher

Krystal Baugher lives in Denver. She earned her MA in Writing and Publishing and her MA in Women and Gender Studies from DePaul University/Chicago. She is the creator of Mile High Mating, a website dedicated to helping people "do it" in Denver and beyond. You can find her on facebook and twitter (as long as you aren’t a stalker).


91 Responses to “Yet another website devoted to objectifying women? Thanks, “Girls in Yoga Pants”!”

  1. Zippo says:

    Haters gonna hate

  2. Adam says:

    LOL, that was going to my point too Dave! It's not that she needs to be in a turtleneck but come on. How can someone write an article like this only to have the author's pic showing as much cleavage as possible.

  3. Marco says:

    So, a bunch of men practically worshipping the female form in all it's sweaty, downward dog pose glory, is objectifying? Or are you just one of the girls who should never be seen in a pair of tight pants, and therefore crying about it cuz it's not you we're drooling over?

    Wah. And you look at pictures of Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson because they're "great actors", not because they're hot. RIIIIIGHT.

  4. Jeff says:

    is it me, or has everyone missed the writers picture at the bottom? Nice revealing top (boobies) and that messed up tan line! WOW!

  5. Christian says:

    Wow… you really hate those women! To me, that seems like it's not very nice — but I guess I'm not a feminist. Out of curiosity, do you also hate women that wear makeup, high heel shoes, perfume and revealing clothes?

  6. Kris says:

    As a woman AND a fan of GIYP I have to say I am sick and tired of extreme feminist acting as if they speak for ALL women. I objectify both men and women. Hell I take my own photos to share or simply for my own pleasure. Yes Yoga can be spiritual. Its part of my regular workout routine but it has ZERO to do with being spiritual and more to do with looking and feeling good. As others have said, if you don't like it DON'T look. Let me guess you also think its about damn time Wonder Woman's costume was changed right?

    You don't speak for me or any other women, whether featured on GIYP or otherwise. You speak for yourself and your own personal views. Nothing wrong with that, just be honest about it. BTW if you are going to show that much cleavage at least have an even tan.

  7. whydoyoucare says:

    if you don't like it, don't go to the site.

  8. Jill says:

    Obviously not based on the amount of cleavage she is sporting!

  9. Daniel says:

    hell yeah… actually i see it less as a matter of objectifying and more of just a deep appreciation for the curves of a womans body, similar to how guys drool over a high end sports car… its just the infatuation with cars cannot be linked to a sexual innuendo as easily.

  10. Seymour Butts says:

    Spandex + butts = epic win!

  11. Stef says:

    All of you people that are getting pissed off about this are nuts! I don't see how physical attraction immediately turns in objectification. And to the OP: you're taking the title of GIYP much too literally. Of course most of the women on that site don't give a crap about yoga. It's just easier to say "yoga pants" than "tight-fitting stretchy pants." It doesn't really have much to do with yoga..

  12. Orenda says:

    Up until recently I did not have very good self esteem, and I can understand why a "model" on this site would post herself in tight pants: publicity. GIYP may be a bunch of "skeezy" dudes staring at asses and making mysogynistic comments, but most comments and reactions are positive. They are not like many of the blogs like "lamebook" or "people of walmart" which make fun of others. These girls are posted on the site, and then complimented by random strangers. The execution may be sketchy, but the overall outcome is win-win for just about everyone involved: these girls, the commenters, the people who own the site, etc.

    However, I do have the problem with GIYP for the shots taken of random women on the street without the women's knowledge. That itself in non-consensual, and those posts should not be put up based purely on the fact that the person never ok'd the picture.

  13. UR Dumb says:

    says the female writer with her tits hanging out in her picture… lmfao… get a life hypocrite!

  14. and now because of your article you are driving even more traffic to that website!

  15. Lamper says:

    Nice tits in that picture gurl

  16. Ashole says:

    I actually want to say thanks for the link and attention to a site I would otherwise not have seen. The feminine form is beautiful and these women although questionable in their motives (perhaps) are providing more fuel for the creative fire and yes some do actually have their names dropped and more attention to who they are in the world. Who are we to judge.

  17. Pigpen says:

    You're in the 25% then.

  18. Pigpen says: has nothing to do with yoga. Girls who have nicer butts than you (otherwise you wouldn't feel so defensive about the site) who show off their bodies are no different than girls in bikinis. You should be angry at women for wearing yoga pants outside of the yoga studio, just the same way that you should write an angry article about men who wear football jerseys but don't actually play in the NFL. These photos weren't taken in yoga studios; they were taken in McDonald's, Best Buy, and other popular places to practice yoga. 😉
    And let's not even talk about the hypocrisy of posting your own (ugly) photo on your blog. Your readers have no reason to see your face…unless you WANT them to. Narcissistic, no? At least the butt shots on are maintaining some semblance of anonymity. You shamelessly pimp(le) your own face in a low-cut top. No one's taking bathroom breaks over THAT picture…and maybe that's why you're a hater.
    Go read the lyrics to Tool's "The Pot", hypocrite. I'm going back to a website where the hot chicks are. I assume that I won't see you there.

  19. Ferd says:

    Hmm. Let's be respectfully sensual, but not puritanical. What does that even mean? You don't want men ogling women (not that any of you women here would do that with men), so what's your solution?

  20. Ferd says:

    Any pics? 😉

    Glad to see someone here understands why people exercise.

  21. Ferd says:

    This from the lady showing her ta-tas in the low-cut green top. Why are you showing these off? Didn't your professors in your Master's program tell you that men would look at them? I think you're just jealous. Though if you show some pics in yoga pants, we might all reconsider.

  22. Ferd says:

    If you were concerned about objectification, why did you wear that top where your tits were hanging out? Better still, why have that thumbnail image blow up into a giant pic where we can see the bra at the bottom? I'd say someone wants those cones looked at. Next, what about the tan? Why get a tan (though badly) if you don't want people looking at you? I'm assuming you wore something small to do that as well. Perhaps you should invest in a burqa.

    It's too bad though. You'd be a cute girl, but I know that you're really an angry and spiteful person, and that destroys the cuteness.

  23. titsmcgee says:

    shut your mouth bitch and show me your titties

  24. elephantjournal says:

    I agree, of course…but so your advice is just to ignore it? That's what you're telling Krystal and other young women? Ignorance isn't usually such a good thing… ~ W

  25. blueollie says:

    A couple of comments (from someone who likes GIYP)
    1. GIYP shows women of different shapes and sizes, not just models. Some of us enjoy the way that real women look in those spandex outfits, even those who aren't models or professional athletes.
    2. My own yoga teacher (female) sometimes yells stuff at me when I am out running or walking (usually "nice ass"). I remind her that she teaches in front of a mirror and that she spends much of the class either bent over (forward bend, down dog, entrance into bujapidasana) or with her butt stuck out (chair, child, frog). We have fun with it.
    3. Still I go to class because when I do, my back doesn't hurt and my hamstrings feel a whole lot better and my piriformis ache dulls or goes away.
    Hey, my wife is an accomplished professional with an advanced academic degree and with a ton of good mental and emotional attributes, but I still enjoy watching her bend over. It is all part of human sexuality.

  26. Guest says:


    did scroll through pictures

  27. lucid says:

    You mean like the compassion and gentleness you show toward those who willingly participate in and enjoy sites like girlsinyogapants?

  28. Jiggaapril says:

    Who are you to say your way of life is better than theirs. Just because you dont like dudes looking at you doesnt mean a female who does has something wrong with her.

  29. this is too much for guys

  30. tomgrasso says:

    If women want to be objectified they are free to be objectified. I doubt there are any pictures on this website that were taken without the full consent of the model.

    Free will is just that: free. Learn to accept what others do if you wish to be accepted yourself.

  31. Kundalinimama says:

    It IS terrible that yoginis are being objectified, but not surprising! Yoginis are, in a general sense. the most beautiful and radiant population (besides pregnant mamas) that I know of! Maybe the whole thing will backlash and the men who love the yogini body will fall in love with the yogini and begin practicing yoga, at which point they will begin to become conscious and not care to objectify the yogini anymore…..there is always a purpose. Always a positive to the negative.

  32. […] Breaking News: Boys continue to want Girls (in yoga pants). […]

  33. nthemoment says:

    Thanks for the link. Pretty funny and some beautiful bodies in the “big booty” category.

  34. Hi there may I quote some of the material here in this site if I reference you with a link back to your site?

  35. Ren says:

    Have you ever seen a tattoo that you didn't like? People work hard to earn money for their tattoos. It it terrible when people judge things like that, too?

    I don't see anybody saying "don't show off your bodies" – I mostly see complaints about dragging yoga into it. It's like making a Christian fetish website – I mean, wtf?

  36. kimisgoa says:

    and where do you teach? :))

  37. Tito says:

    Come on. This is one of John Friend's favorite web sites. So it can't be all bad, right?

  38. JoeC2K says:

    According to a survey cited in Huffington Post –… – a majority of women are more concerned about what other women think of them than what men think of them. So one can reason that the women who are posting their photos are looking to impress other women rather than men. Sometimes I can really say that I don't understand women. I just really can't imagine guys thinking like that… Also, I get the impression that the author isn't comfortable with other women who are looking for masculine attention by impressing them with their superior asanas 😉

  39. steve says:

    Really…do you not have something else better to bitch about…………..why in hell would women wear this type or clothing if they did not want men or women staring at them. What is the goal of wearing such clothing form fitting clothing and then wear no to very little underwear……… are just lieing to yourself if you think a women has a gun pointed at them to make them wear outfits like that. it is there choice……why must they be judge or labelled

  40. Vennie Thompson says:

    There is this whole body-brain thing in Yoga: when You release a muscle or joint’s tension breathing through and being present the brain releases all the emotions associated with that muscles tension. Those emotions might, for instance, hold memories of being abused for being “too desirable”, or of being abused for “too much enjoying being desired” (being called a “slut” by the envious). The truth is that provided one views Herself as physically worthy and doesn’t adopt an unhealthy attitude of persistent judgment and fear of natural desire, enjoying being enjoyed and desired is natural as is enjoying gazing upon beauty. Mentally healthy women believe themselves to be desirable and can accept and enjoy being desired; mentally healthy men likewise… And we who are not gay men naturally enjoy gazing upon Women who are attractive, powerful and flexible. This whole feminist version of the christian “Ye have heard it said “thou shalt not commit adultery” but I say unto You: he that looketh upon a woman to lust after Her hath committed adultery already.” We did all that back in the ’70s and ’80s and after it all discovered: it’s natural to enjoy being enjoyed; it’s natural to enjoy; so many who hated men in the ’70s enough to become lesbians now play out “masculine” and “feminine” roles in relationship different really only in that both bodies in the play are female. Exploitives hang out at gay bars just as in straight ones. People continue to be people.

    Releasing the hate fear and judgment as one releases the glutes and hamstrings in naked proserita. It’s the mind level of the physical Yoga. Nature isn’t inherently evil and prissiness isn’t virtue or victim, but another tightness to breathe past.