September 21, 2010

Yet another website devoted to objectifying women? Thanks, “Girls in Yoga Pants”!

Yogini Got Back: the instant popularity of “Girls in Yoga Pants.”

{It’s huge}

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Because women can’t just practice yoga—they now get to be yoga sex objects.

I mean really, that’s why we women do it, right? To turn on heterosexual men? We couldn’t possibly practice yoga for our own mental, spiritual and physical health reasons.

via girlsinyogapants.com

Girls in Yoga Pants is devoted to the fetishization of nicely shaped rumps in various states—having six categories—hall of fame, celebrity, amateur, in public, big booty, and actual yoga—the site lives and breathes off of real women choosing to participate in these shenanigans.

All pics are sent in or approved by the actual “models”—so the deeper question is why do they bother? Are we really starving for attention so badly that we need the approval of random (mainly male) strangers to boost our already too low self-esteeem?

With other existing objectfying sites like Playboy Yoga and the graphic Nude Yoga Girls [link removed, uck], one must come to the realization that nothing is sacred in our ever-expanding capitalist society.

Sex sells.

Yoga is super-popular.

Sex and yoga equals big money.

via girlsinyogapants.com

But what about the women who contribute to these mega money sales? On a site like Girls in Yoga Pants, the women are not even human beings, they are in fact, just asses—and I mean that literally and figuratively.  And yet they seem to enjoy the celebrity of their own asses, even if no one knows who they really are.

Perhaps they should re-title the site to Girls With Low Self-Esteem who feed off Slimey Comments Who Wear Yoga Pants but don’t really give a Rat’s Ass About Yoga.

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