September 9, 2010

Boulder Fire: heartbreaking photos by Drew Levin.

Shared with permission of my elepal Drew Levin, an amazingly talented (as you’ll see) young man.

Gorgeous photos of a tragic event that burned at least 100 homes to the ground, including homes of three friends and our longtime ele designer, Pam Uhlenkamp. 8000 acres, I think.

Photos by Drew Levin (ask him in comments below for permission to use):


Today, a coworker of mine told me about a woman who came into the store to see if she could wipe her computer.

My coworker asked why, and the woman replied that she was giving it to a friend who had just lost her house in the fire. Amazed, my coworker started in on clearing things off, and while doing so, the woman tells him she also needs a new computer as well. Again, he asks why—the woman had lost her home as well. The person she was giving her computer to was her neighbor who lived a door down on Gold Hill, and the computer was one of the woman’s five remaining worldly possessions.

To give your friend who lost everything a computer is amazing…to give your friend your computer when you just lost your home is utterly phenomenal.

If anyone has specific information about how to help anyone in the community with the fire, please post it below in comments.

Four Mile Canyon Fire, taken last night from Flagstaff.

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It rained today in Boulder—blessed, blessed rain. I don’t know how much of an impact it made on the fire—my guess is that it will definitely impede its spreading, but…

Today I also found out that the houses of my middle school math teacher and three of my good friends from high school have burned down, as well as the house another friend grew up in. Many more friends including my godfather have been mandatorily evacuated, and are in danger of being destroyed.

It’s not over yet. Here’s to hoping.


False Dawn

Marvels can come in many forms—it’s a shame that such a beautiful thing as this fire can also destroy so many homes and burn a swathe through so many lives. One man, interviewed by the local paper, said that the canoe he built with his dad when he was sixteen was in the house he narrowly escaped this morning.

Maybe the point of a marvel is to help us value our own lives more—to go back and build or preserve or create on that same level of grandeur.

Four Mile Canyon fire, shot from Flagstaff. Composition and processing inspired in part by antimethod.


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