Caption This: BKS Iyengar Blesses Bikram Choudhury? (photo)

Via YogaDork
on Sep 1, 2010
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Bikram and Iyengar walk into a bar…well sorta. (see photo)

My, Bikram, what a bulbous shiny dome you have, perfect for ‘circus’ tricks like headstand! Let me get you a strap, for your ego, er…elbows.

This photo find has us tickled with befuddlement. It was not photoshopped!

Via facebook:

Bikram receiving a blessing from BKS Iyengar! One of our teacher training classmates, Judes Yang, took this photo while travelling [sic] with Bikram in India when he visited Iyengar.

So there you have it. One love, y’all.

What’s YOUR caption?



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25 Responses to “Caption This: BKS Iyengar Blesses Bikram Choudhury? (photo)”

  1. Zenhound says:

    Iyengar demonstrates the latest yoga craze, khalati yoga, rubbing a bald master's head for a sense of calm and well-being.

  2. "Olympics? You should have your head examined. On second thought, let's do that right now."

    Bob W.

  3. “Just keep smiling. I’m going to twist your head off for ruining Yoga, you bastard.”

    Bob W.

  4. "Olympics? You should have your head examined. On second thought, let's do that right now."

    Bob W.

  5. bill m. says:

    Let me feel my new crystal ball….

  6. Aron says:

    You! Dirty Little Hobbit….It was you that stole the Precious….

  7. Tommy Burke says:

    Just as I thought….hollow!

  8. Hunter says:

    All I have to do is stop the movement of the temporal bones and then…

  9. Hi, Mary.

    It was just a joke. I have no problem with Bikram or with Yoga in the Olympics. So it wouldn't be much of a debate. I'm a Yoga Universalist. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify. Did they make you laugh?

    There was a great chapter on the history of Bikram in a book I edited, Yoga in America: In the Words of Some of It's Most Ardent Teachers.

    See Hot Yoga in America: Roots and Offshoots to go directly to that chapter. I hope to publish this in Elephant soon, which you can take as penance for my jokes!

    Bob Weisenberg

  10. Hi, Mary.

    I'm sure you'll agree that an editor cannot and should not begin to take responsibility for all the great variety of opinions expressed in a collection of essays by 46 different writers!

    I will publish the article and let competent people like yourself write rebuttals in the comments.


    Bob W.

  11. Mary Dillon says:

    Hi Dan

    I agree. An Editor is not responsible for opinions expressed by authors. Having been the News Editor of a publication here in New York, I am clear that the responsibility of an Editor is to check facts.

    The author in question here, however, is not expressing his opinion. He is attempting to write a history of hot yoga in America.

    His attempt to document this history contains several factual errors. One of which is that the logic behind locking the knee in Bikram yoga is because “it looks pretty.” While it may be true that a locked knee looks pretty, it is certainly not the reason why we want to master this particular aspect of the practice. This is a fact that could have and should have been easily checked by reading Bikram’s books (where he speaks extensively on the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of learning to lock your knee) asking him your self, or simply calling his Headquarters in Los Angeles.

    As it stands now in your publication, the comment is flip, ignorant and totally misleading. It paints Bikram Yoga and Bikram in a ridiculous light.

    All joking aside, your derogatory comments about Bikram in the beautiful photo of Bikram and BKS Iyengar give an indication of your personal preferences and opinions. Perhaps your opinion of Bikram and his yoga got in the way of your responsibilites as an Editor. That is the issue I have with the publication.

    I look forward to responding to this piece should you decide to publish.

    Thank you,
    Mary Dillon

    Thank you,
    Mary Dillon

  12. Please trust me, Mary. I have nothing against Bikram. Yogadork asked for funny captions and I made up some funny captions. That's it. Please take me at my word on this. It was a joke where a joke was asked for! Nothing more.

    As for the Bikram article in Yoga in America, Peter was a direct Bikram disciple for many years, so I'm sure he knows all the counter-arguments and would be happy to discuss your objections. I thought the article as a whole was quite positive toward Bikram and it's very interesting history, but I agree Peter expressed some negative feelings as well.

    In any case, I'll try to get Peter to agree to respond directly to your comments when I post his article.

    But if you feel so strongly about it, why don't you discuss it directly with Peter now? That would make a lot more sense than being upset with me! His website is

    Why wait? Go talk to him now. Please let me know how it goes.

    Thanks again for writing,

    Bob W.

  13. Mary Dillon says:

    Hi Bob,

    For the sake of clarity: In response to your statement, "but I agree Peter expressed some negative feelings as well. "

    I have not indicated that I have any problem with any "feelings" expressed by the author.

    Again, my objection is to a gross factual error.

    Thank you,
    Mary Dillon

  14. Thanks for the clarification, Mary. Didn't mean to misrepresent your view.

    Are you going to contact Peter directly to deal with this, as I suggested? Please let me know the results of your discussion.

    Bob W.

  15. Hello Mary From 1999 – 2004 I practiced Bikram Yoga on average 5 times per week. I've taught over 4000 Bikram classes. As human being go, Bikram is charming fellow who has made an amazing contribution to humanity. But this silliness about "lock the knee" is so overrated. Look, if you hyper-extend any joint (whether it's a shoulder, knee, elbow, hip), you lose the capacity to lengthen out your core which I define as the space from your pelvic floor to your solar plexus. Once you lose the capacity to lengthen out of your core, any asana has reduced value.

    So many Bikram yogis stop practicing after 3 – 4 years because they injure themselves by over-stretching the soft tissue in the joints. And they don't know to heal themselves. The Hot Yoga that was so healing becomes their undoing. Isn't it odd how many people have gone through Bikram's training & are no longer in the business of teaching Bikram Yoga? Bikram himself does NOT practice Bikram Yoga. When I last saw Raj, which was admittedly awhile ago (I got so disgusted with Bikram for calling Rajashri "a bitch" because she refused to do an impromtu advanced posture demo that I just could not participate in Bikram's universe anymore.) Anyway Raj's body looked like a wreck from over-stretching her knees, neck, shoulders. So can we get away from the language of a "locked knee" & just describe the joint? Is the knee hyper-extended? Or is it slightly bent? Does the quad muscle group support the body's weight? Or is the joint supporting the weight? Is the spine lengthening from the inside out in the posture? From my perspective, these are the important questions.

    If Bikram Yoga fails to address these sort of fundamental body mechanic issues, eventually the instruction will need to improve. Or it will lose relevance in the market. You sound like an ardent Bikram Yoga practitioner & possibly a teacher. Great! If you wish to discuss any of these issues in greater detail, I'd be happy to hear your views.
    Peter Sklivas
    Beverly Farms, MA
    Yoga Passion

  16. Hi, Mary.

    Just wanted to make sure you saw Peter's reply to your concerns in his comment below, and his invitation to discuss it with you directly.

    (Since he wrote his reply in a new comment, you might not have received any e-mail notification.)


  17. Hi, Mary.

    I just posted Peter's article Hot Yoga in America. I hope you will comment there and voice your concerns. I like getting all points of view. Please encourage your friends to do the same.


    Bob W.

  18. Mary says:

    Locking the knee has nothing whatsoever to do with hyper extending the joint.
    I have nothing more to say on this matter.
    Thank you for the forum.

    Mary Dillon

  19. Hi, Mary. I'm interested in recruiting some excellent Bikram writers to contribute to Elephant Yoga. I'd like to invite you and others to send me suggested articles. Please contact me via Facebook message


    Bob W. Yoga Editor

  20. I can't even begin to explain how much this made me laugh :))))

  21. One of the scariest films of all time is The Changeling with George C. Scott.

  22. D says:

    Guys, I realize there's been some time since someone posted here but I'll still add this: there's a lot more to this subject than meets the eye. For a little bit more info. on the Bikram-Iyengar connection see this article:

    Beyond that, we have two yoga styles which can take the practitioner to the same destination. We have two yogis who respect each other and share a connection. There's no need to throw stones either way.

    Merry Christmas,


  23. rahul arora says:

    HE is rubbing his head so that all pervertness will calm down and he become good human being start respecting women and and treat young girls as a his daughter not as sex object he got sue on sexual harrasment case hope he will get hard punishment

    God Bless Him some Huminity

  24. Carlos says:

    ruining?… to the man that teaches yoga as Jois, Iyengar and most true yoga teachers from India teach–> with tons of discipline and very little patience for laziness… to the man that has taken Hatha yoga to more people than anyone else in history? I love when people ask him what he thinks about being called the McDonalds of Yoga, to which he replies: Good! I am the biggest. That was my mission from my Guru, to bring Yoga to the West.

  25. Krishna says:

    Big Scam Yoga, an absurd one-size-fits-all approach can in no way be compared to the methods of Iyengar and Jois. Besides, Big Scam represents everything that the sutras of Yoga do not teach.

    I am appalled that Iyengar would let this conman anywhere near him.