September 23, 2010

Is God the Devil? ~Elias Arjan

The path to enlightenment is not just a path of light.

If we all are an aspect of God, if we are divine, we must come to understand that the creator and destroyer are one. God and the Devil are one, the demons we see around us are also in us.

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The rapid changes of the last 10 years are a call to see the truth, the wisdom, and the unity behind the duality, not an easy task. All around us are rising calls to “change the world” and under this banner many are lashing out at some unseen enemy whom we slap a label on, and then create some complex, irrational argument to justify our aggression.

Terrorists, Imperialists, Socialists, Radicals, Fundamentalists, Capitalists, and so on… Once we identify the “problem group” we band with others who agree that we need to “get rid of the bastards.” The problem is, in our interdependent world where would you send them? The frontiers of our world no longer exist, prisons are overflowing and everyone is entangled with each other (quantum physics anyone?). Economies no longer exist in isolation, restricting movement between nations seems so outdated (how effective are the blockades of Cuba, Iran, North Korea or Palestine today?) and the internet broadcasts all our secrets for the world to see.

And even when we remove the evil king the new one we joyfully crowned yesterday, today becomes worse than the tyrant we just fought to overthrow. And so the cycle begins again. We can no longer continue like this. It is time for humanity to mature and acknowledge that we can no longer blame others for our problems, just as we can no longer look for some authoritarian to save us. Have you ever noticed that every guru, politician, captain of industry, teacher, bestselling author or other leader when under extreme scrutiny is proven to be looking after their own interests above the needs of others. Does this mean we all are corrupt at the core? Yes, just as we all have the seed of divinity or Buddha nature. The ying/yang symbol has become such a common symbol yet we would rather not acknowledge its true meaning. All evil has an aspect of good and all good contains evil. Only when we surrender to the absolute truth of this and the cascade of implications contained within, do we truly shatter the veil of duality, which plagues our minds, our culture and our world.

Our ancient dominant religions separate us into “chosen people” and “gentiles, infidels or deceived sinners doomed for eternal hellfire.” Most new agers are in complete denial of their shadow, and the popular culture would have us ignore the true source of our darkness lest we really awaken to what lies beneath.

Maybe this rush to 2012 is the beginning of our global puberty, when the organism is over run with so many forced changes that a psychological shift must occur to balance the physical one. If this is what is happening, it is likely to continue for some time. Our human adolescence is just a short period of our lives, how long will humanity’s adolescence last? And who among us is qualified to initiate the world, and perform the sacred rites to conduct us though this time of change?

“The truth is—no one knows, and beware anyone who claims to have all the answers. There is a seed of truth in everything and a demon telling lies may appear at first to be an angel of light, and maybe just maybe, they are the same thing.”

~ Elias Arjan. September 20, 2010

“Evil is the shadow of angel. Just as there are angels of light, support, guidance, healing and defense, so we have experiences of shadow angels. And we have names for them: racism, sexism, homophobia are all demons—but they’re not out there.”

~ Matthew Fox

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Elias Arjan was born into a family of spiritual seekers. His constant questioning got him in trouble in school, so he decided to let experience be his teacher. This journey took Elias around the world several times over, to study with countless teachers and to work in a number of disciplines, today he still endeavors to explore the limits of human understanding. And at night he loves to spin fire to burn it all off.

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