Not Funny, But Kind of Funny: What Do You Think?

Via Emily Nuchols
on Sep 30, 2010
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My initial reaction to this graphic was to burst out laughing. Not because it’s actually that funny, but because I’ve reached that point when it’s either laugh or cry, and I usually choose the former.

Comic genius, NatalieDee, named this graphic: “antidepressants are the cure for noticing shit too much.” And unfortunately, she’s got a point. Think of all the environmental disasters that have happened just this year, the whacked out political shenanigans that fly in your face every time you check the news, war, oil dependence, climate change, poverty… It’s a never-ending inundation of bad news.

But not everyone feels that way. Think about walking through life and never noticing anything. So many people are totally uneducated about the current affairs in this world, and a lot of them are probably pretty happy about it…

So, while it’s kind of, but not really all that funny, what does this graphic mean to you? And what does that mean about the world we live in?

After you think about that, head back to and scroll through some comics. They’re hilarious.


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