Note To Self: Your Life Is Going To Change.

Via Joana Smith
on Sep 11, 2010
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Who I'd like to meet: Superman's Children, eco-warriors, truck drivers, persephone, roller derby queens, nurses, scientists, givers, priests, yogi, storytellers, people who don't know right now, playwrights, philosophers, people who are more visual, people who hop trains, performers, poets, seamstresses, activists, Spider-Man, kids, rangers, Snow White, dj's, massage therapists, people who work with their hands, bunnies, sportsracers, people who work in offices, dancers, baristas, artists, cleaners, climbers, Jeff's sister, Colbert, Skiers, Bikers, skaters, surfers, ani, people who are recovering, trees (and flowers), people who will die soon, gardeners, horses, Jolie-Pitt, soon-to-be mothers, margie's daughter, astronomers, people who are scared, girls who wear black and listen to the Smiths, cuffmakers, lambs, Miranda July, the man in the moon, Bono, people from 'round here, Obama...


13 Responses to “Note To Self: Your Life Is Going To Change.”

  1. megan says:

    Joanajoanna. thankyou.
    the vogue "age" issue on this blog is where i found her name.
    i tore the word off of the bottom of the page and taped it to the mirror by the crib.
    ive been listening to counting crows and fleetwood mac lately.
    its like you knew.
    and i am pushing forward with cloth diapers because you blazed my trail so gracefully.
    this blog is perfect. and so very encouraging.
    i like your tattoo from the waterpark.
    and your kitchen dancing.
    joie is hungry.
    time for joie.

    miss you.
    if we were neighbors i would be better at this.


  2. Mel says:

    Dear Joana,

    Thank you for composing these beautiful, heartbreaking collage poems. I am moved by them time and again.


  3. smithnd says:

    Worth it.

  4. Laura Miller says:

    What a chronicle! A 'them thangs' of new parenthood that shows so many different states of mind and actually means something. BRAVA!!!

  5. helene_rose says:

    Hi Joana,
    What a very neat way to put mothering into perspective. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. I needed to remember to lighten up and let go. They do grow so fast and are filled with such wonder for the earth each step of the way! Beautiful!

  6. Joana Smith says:

    We have to do something….
    don't you think?

    Does anyone feel inclined? Spread the Word….

  7. Joana Smith says:

    and also wanted to add.
    Megan, I hope Joie never gets lost in the gefuffle. thanks for putting up with the imperfections to get to the bottom of this one.

    everyone else: I had a big wordpress explosion at the end of working on it, and lost a few things in the fire. Some text, some images..

    It's still a thing, tho..
    so do it,
    feel like a mommie…this is Your heart too…xx

  8. Isaiah says:

    Loved the dance while you mop idea – we do this too, minus the kiddos for now. We'll keep you advice handy for being, at some point, future mommy and daddy
    I take the bus, trying to drive less.\
    Peace to y'all

  9. Joana Smith says:

    Isaiah, thanks for taking a looksie. I hope that some of the advice applies to more that just people with kids.
    thanks for your comment!

  10. Joana Smith says:

    I mean, than just people.

  11. thekitchenboy says:

    i just realized i never commented on this!
    even though i read it on monday.
    just before i went to teach my first class!
    and while i'm nowhere close to having babies,
    it just put everything in perspective.
    thank you,
    thank you,
    dear joana.

  12. Sandrine says:

    Good morning!
    Thank you for the break in a far to frantic morning! I enjoy to plunge into your world!
    Have a beautiful day!