Video with Poses for Paws co-founder Kathryn Budig

Via Kasey Luber
on Sep 16, 2010
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With all the um, interesting press that Kathryn Budig has been getting lately, I thought it would be nice to feature a recent interview I did with the beautiful delight of a woman. Ms. Budig is the co-founder of Poses for Paws, a program that saves dogs through fundraising yoga classes!  Toe-sox are on the giving train too, a special pink set was created just for Kathryn, with a portion going to Poses for Paws.

. This video was created as part of my GIVE LOVE TOUR this summer for The game was to find all the Yogis who are making a difference in the world and film them, Kathryn was a perfect candidate. For more videos go to

WARNING! Ashi the dog is mostly naked in this video!


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Kasey Luber is vlogging her way to samadhi. Yoga/Kirtan make her happy/happy.


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