Why must corporations sell lies?

Via Christy Morgan
on Sep 16, 2010
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Living in Los Angeles, I’m constantly bombarded with billboards trying to sell me stuff. It’s one of the most annoying things I face living here, next to traffic, where I sit with nothing to do but look at all the billboards. Most of the billboards selling a product are selling lies. For instance, the newest Coca Cola campaign says to “Open Happiness”. As if drinking Coke is going to make you happy. What a joke! Drinking Coke is going to send you into a spiral of depression, obesity, and diabetes. Sodas in general are known for their high sugar content, high fructose corn syrup to be exact, which is linked to all kinds of health problems.

Another one that drives me up a wall is all the processed junk food that says “Whole Grain” on it, like cereals, breads, and pastas. I’m sorry but unless it is an actual whole grain with the bran, germ, and endosperm intact it isn’t a whole grain. Just because you took a whole grain then ripped it apart, removed all the good vitamins and minerals from it, turned it into a new product, and possibly enriched it to put the good stuff back into it, does not make it a whole grain. The FDA Dietary Requirements say we should be getting around 5 servings of carbohydrates per day with half of those being from whole grains. So, what to people do? They grab that box of sugary cereal that says “whole grain” on it thinking they are getting their daily requirements. Wrong. In my cooking classes very few people can come up with a list of whole grains longer than brown rice. Good start, but what about barley, quinoa, corn, millet, amaranth, teff, oats, rye, and red rice?

Corporations using marketing to sell lies is not a new practice. Cigarettes used to be cool and good for you. In the 1990’s, the milk campaign, “Milk Builds Strong Bones”, was completely false, and thankfully the Dairy Council was sued because they couldn’t prove this to be true. Followed by the dairy and weight-loss campaign, which was cut (thanks PCRM) because the findings showed little evidence that you could lose weight eating dairy products. The government stepped in for these instances, but many corporations continue to sell lies to consumers. These companies pour billions of dollars into the government’s pocket and they have the money to spend on marketing. Money talks when it comes to the government.

So what can we do? The number one thing you can do is vote with your dollar. Do not buy from corporations that sell lies. Buy from companies that use sustainable business practices. The second thing you can do is write to your congressman. If you are a parent you need to petition to your child’s school to get vending machines and other junk food removed from the schools. If enough people come together to fight the corporations we can make a difference. But before any of this we need to stop believing the lies. We need to take responsibility to the damage we do to ourselves and the planet when we know the truth, yet continue to buy into the lies (the meat and dairy industry are perfect examples).

By the way here are some good sites about why it’s time to dump dairy and stop feeding into the lie that we need to drink milk to get calcium and to build strong bones.

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About Christy Morgan

Christy Morgan trained at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts, specializing in vegan, macrobiotic cuisine and holistic nutrition. As “The Blissful Chef” she teaches others how to make sustainable, plant-based, delicious cuisine that nourishes mind, body, spirit, and planet. She is a personal chef, teaches cooking classes, and gives nutritional counseling to those making the transition to a plant-based diet. Visit her at http://theblissfulchef.com/blog.


4 Responses to “Why must corporations sell lies?”

  1. dede says:

    Actually, it's a very complicated scenario. Brandon Cox, owner of CorePower Yoga basically has a gripe with me because of some jyotisha advice I apparently gave to his girlfriend who after meeting with me to quit as manager in Boulder — Stephanie. He then phoned me and told me he was going to ruin me in this town and run me out of business. And then he took away all my Sanskrit classes and gave them to Lisa Fierer who was my student (and promised me up and down that she would never sell my materials to CPY, that she loved me as a teacher, honored my work, etc.) It was and is one of the biggest betrayals of my life.

    When I complained to the corporate people that they don't have the right to take my knowledge through my student, they basically told me that I would have to initiate a law suit and in the meantime if I came within 500 feet of any of their studios they would have me arrested. My car has also been mysteriously "keyed" and other threats of violence have been levied against me.

    I phoned Yoga Alliance this morning and they are absolutely no use. They told me all they are is a "registry" and they have nothing to do with maintaining standards or ethics in the Yoga studios they support.

    As far as Yoga Journal goes — they may not want to get involved either until I win my case against them. I'm sure CPY gives Yoga Journal a lot of money and that speaks volumes.

    I definitely think there is power in numbers. I can't believe how much fear there is among the people that manage and teach for this organization. Core Power thrives on fear. They make people believe that if they leave or question their tactics they will be blacklisted from ever teaching again — or that they won't be able to make any money if they don't work for Core Power. They are an extremely evil and diabolical organization. I really had no idea (I had some of an idea but not to this extent) until I just recently went through this.

    The best thing we can do is stand together and support the exposure of what they are doing. We can't be afraid. Meanwhile Brandon and company are terrified that I'm going to spread the truth of what they're doing to me in the Yoga community — but they can't slander me either because that will expose them. So Brandon is making phone calls to people like Jeanie to try to turn them against me. I think it makes him look even worse, but he's desperate. They are afraid of being exposed because it will hurt their reputation and ultimately their business. So we have to expose them.

    I don't know the best tactic except to keep telling people what's happening to me as they attack me. I think they're shocked that I have the courage to openly share the evil that they're doing. And I will continue to do it.

    Thanks so much for your support. We will fix this wrong and hopefully the good that results from this is that we open more opportunities for Yoga teachers to survive in more healthy ways than through Core Power Yoga.

  2. Jenny Lens says:

    WE can only do what you, Eco-Vegan gal, myself and everyone else does: the best we can. Do our own thing, set examples, and keep writing and marketing our writing, vids, books, classes, etc.

    IF we think we can "fight" this, we are doomed. T…hey will always have more money. BUT there are plenty of people w/open minds or tired of being sick and tired, who will listen. Think globally but act locally. Meaning, do what you can do.

    AND remember, MOST PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE. They will ALWAYS believe lies. Look how people vote! Most vote against their own interests!! They refuse to think. They are afraid of dissent. IF it's not in a mag or on TV, then it's not true.

    Enlist everyone who does believe as we do to also spread the word, through example, online and in daily life. It's amazing how many people I've influenced. I'm very haphazard about it. But you are focused. Let it unfold.

    Let go, let G-d. You can't fight people who refuse to listen. YOU can help those who are looking for your leadership. FIND them. Let the rest go, until some are ready to listen.

    You can't force a horse to drink water …. you get more bees w/honey than vinegar. True!!

    Find those who are willing to listen and make changes. They are looking for your sage wisdom ….

  3. kimpunkrock says:

    I remember a time when schools would not allow soda or vending machines in them, this was a long time ago back in the 80's. great article and I agree on all points. High Fructose corn syrup is in so many products and it really makes me mad. Mexican coke with real sugar is 10 times better than american coke, but still bad for u nonetheless. I have since switched to seltzer.

  4. Your dad, milkman says:

    I enjoy Coca Cola. It makes me happy when I drink it because it tastes good. I live a healthy lifestyle so it doesn't lead to the obesity that you draw as a definite conclusion. Coca Cola doesn't lead to health issues, inactivity and an overall poor diet do.

    Also, the Dairy Council never got sued. And calcium strengthens bones. Milk contains calcium. By the transitive property, milk builds strong bones. You are grossly misinformed. Stop spreading lies to convince others to succumb to your misquided vegan ways.