October 9, 2010

10/10/10 – Carrotmob and 350.org combine to make Climate Action History!! – Nathaniel Janowitz

On 10/10/10 Carrotmob goes down in Boulder and around planet Earth!

During and after Sundays, 350.org 10/10/10 Global Work-Party there will be Carrotmobs happening in 7 cities in 3 different Countries.

So what is a Carrotmob? It is an organizer consumer movement that has happened nearly 100 times in 18 Countries in the last two years! On 10/10/10 there will be Carrotmobs happening in Dundee, Scotland; Edinburgh, Scotland; Freiburg, Germany; Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S.A; Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A; and two Colorado cities – Denver and Boulder!

How does a Carrotmob work?
A Carrotmob is an organized consumer group making businesses listen to our money. The idea is to get businesses to compete for our dollars by demonstrating their commitment to environmental stewardship . We approached tons of restaurants/bars/brewpubs in downtown Boulder and asked them what % of their profits from the 10/10/10 After-Party they would be willing to put back into their businesses for energy efficiency improvements.

To learn more about how a Carrotmob works watch this short video or read this previous Elephant Article.

In Boulder, after an intense bidding process, The St Julien won the opportunity to host the party by committing 50%!!

From 5:30-11:00 PM there will food/ drinks and live music all going down at the St Julien Hotel located at 900 Walnut Street. Check out the awesome list of performers.

After-Party Lineup:

9:30 – Dechen Hawk (Funk/Soul)
8:15 – Weapons of Mass Creation (Reggae)
7:00 – Rita and The Rhythm Assassins (Reggae)
6:00 – Pamlico Sound (Funk/Soul)
(Links to music at the bottom)

Also inside The St Julien their will be a screening of ‘No Impact Man’.

Best of all the Event is free to enter!

The Denver Carrotmob was won by Mercury Cafe with a bid of %50 as well!

Mercury cafe is located at 2199 California Street. To learn more visit the Denver Carrotmob site.

Carrotmob puts the power back into the consumers hands!!! YOUR MONEY MATTERS! SUPPORT THE ENVIRONMENT!

The San Francisco based Carrotmob group teamed up with Bill McKibben and the folks at 350 to take part in one of the greatest global events ever. After last years successful 350 event the movement has gained so much steam that this year there are 6,391 events happening in 187 Countries in the World. This collective stance on climate change is unprecedented and shows how much planet Earth is ready to embrace the challenge of climate change.

However, global action on climate change starts locally! Rise to the challenge by participating in your local 350 event which can be found by clicking here.

At Boulder ‘s 350 Global Work Party on 10/10/10, people can attend one of 40 hands-on carbon-reduction workshops, engage discussions and join in on field trips to reduce your carbon footprint and help address the serious problem of climate change. The event will also be MC’d by Elephant Founder Waylon Lewis and have tons of guest speakers!

This event is open to all and will be held at Naropa and in the UMC at CU. For more information on Boulder 350 and entire daytime schedule click here.

Spend this Sunday, 10/10/10 showing your solidarity in the climate change challenge. History happens Sunday!

Carrotmob Conference 2010, San Francisco. (L-R Sarah Rich – Carrotmob San Francisco, Nico Koenig – Carrotmob Toronto, Brent Schulkin – Carrotmob Founder, Nathaniel Janowitz – Carrotmob Boulder)

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