A Living Worth Scraping.

Via Allie Bombach
on Oct 16, 2010
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Doing what you love.


Photo By Alan Kahler.

Drop everything to pursue what you love.  Yes, I’m telling you to quit your day job.

For some odd reason, this year I might have convinced a handful of people to quit their jobs in this bad economy to jump wildly into freelance.

Why would someone take this ridiculous leap? Why would I even suggest it?

The lines will start to blur. Things you separated in the past such as vacation and work or time off and overtime will become obsolete. Days of the week will mean nothing more than people don’t answer emails and the post office is closed on this random thing called “Sunday.”

Your creative, searching eyes will widen so much that you are able to capture inspiration and motivation from every aspect of your life.

Time will move so quickly that you’ll think that January is quickly followed by July. At the same time you’ll feel like a year has been a decade of experiences. I keep reminding myself and one of my friends who jumped the waitress ship earlier this spring to pursue her passion as a writer—you’ll live a thousand lives in the span of a year.

I realize that dropping everything to do freelance doesn’t apply to everyone’s life—although reevaluating your life and making changes in a way where you’re not afraid for things to get a little tricky is well worth it.

I am so lucky to have such great mentors in my own life that make the madness that is creative freelance worth every moment. They cultivate my dreams and support my wild ideas. The power of believing in someone is not something to be taken lightly. I hope to offer at least that to those looking for guidance on taking the plunge of freelance—support, belief, a smile.

I may be the influencer that many parents fear for their children to know. In fact, I almost persuaded a close friend to sell all her belongings and quit a high paying salary job to become an event coordinator until an excited phone call to her father slowly brought her back to the realities of a bad economy.

Radical suggestions of drastically changing your life aside, I can say this with confidence: if you look forward to failing, take what scares you and make it your best friend…there will be no regrets.

This video really says it all for me.


About Allie Bombach

Living in her restored 1970 Airstream, Allie recently relocated to Portland, Oregon where she works as a freelance videographer and filmmaker for the outdoor industry. She graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado with a B.A. in Business Marketing with a concentration in videography. A former raft guide and snowboard instructor, Allie found a passion in inspiring others to make the outdoors a part of their lives. Finding inspiration from the power of storytelling, she strives to promote simple living and environmental education. Only finding true peace while in between the lines, she finds “home” while on the road. An avid commuter in love with her bike, Allie is always in search for the next adventure, a good high five, and a hoppy IPA.


51 Responses to “A Living Worth Scraping.”

  1. remmy says:

    As someone who has been taking care of myself since I was 17. I live very freely. I have all my bills paid for. Have a degree and worked 100 hour work weeks to make it happen. Being free is also a state of mind. We all have choices. Let's honor each other and not just assume those who live this way lack responsibility.