Bottled Water v. Tap Water.

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on Oct 21, 2010
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~ vs. ~

It’s no contest.

The linked words below represent most of the resources and blogs we’ve put together over the past two years regarding this issue. Two of them are purty funny. ~ ed. PS: If you’re drinking bottled water, you’ll want to read the last six lines of this blog.

Tap water is dirty and full of flouride and sits around in pipes. Bottled water comes from a spring and is tested for purity.


Guess which one is Safest? The One Surprising Truth about the Bottled Water you Drink.

Bottle vs. Tap:


After FIJI Water ran an ad joking that it “wasn’t bottled in Cleveland,” the Cleveland Water Department proved that Fiji Water contained the highest levels of arsenic and other contaminants when compared to Cleveland tap water and other bottled brands.

> Tap water in Canada is held to a higher health standard than bottled water. And: the Environmental Protection Agency regulations for tap water are “actually stricter than the Food and Drug Administration regulations for bottled water.”

One more reason not to drink bottled water: the bottle is toxic for our environment and health:

Bonus: we *can* save our earth.

One thing we know is horrible for our water:

Relephant: how to fight back against Ocean Plastic:


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18 Responses to “Bottled Water v. Tap Water.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    I agree. I think the 90 second thing got him going a bit much!

  2. Christopher Smith says:

    He forgot to mention that the FD regulates bottled water and uses different standards than the EPA, which regulates tap water. The EPA actually uses higher standards than the FDA, so it can be said that tap water is more likely better for you than bottled water.

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Fascinating read via Christopher re tap water:

  4. ARCreated says:

    I don't care what's in the tap…bottled water is a NIGHTMARE and in the long run worse for everyone. Get a filtration system, fill your reusable water bottle and move on. bottled water is a scam, end of story. bottled water and plastic bags at the grocery store…pet peeves of things that are most useless and easily avoidable.

  5. yohanna gomez says:

    I’m a civil engineering students and in one of the classes about water treatment you get seriously grossed out about tap water unless you have a filter for your whole house don’t use tap water. It contains a lot of carcinogenic substances and the chlorine they use to “clean” the water combines with this substances creating very dangerous compounds. In europe they use ozone instead of chlorine

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  7. GypsyWarrior says:

    They both fall way below quality of actual FREE natural spring water you can get for yourself:

  8. […] In truth, there is no conundrum here, just a widespread misconseption. Tap water is not filthy, at least not in the States. It is actually regulated more closely than bottled water is, and the environmental impact of bottle production and disposal leaves no excuse for the product. The following video explains why there is no reason to drink bottled water— […]

  9. […] whenever possible. This will lessen the chances of everyday camp life effecting the cleanliness and purity of the water that is habitat for fish, insects, and small […]

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  11. Bereji says:

    We can do so much for the environment (and save money) by using tap water instead of bottled water! While there are countries where the tap water isn’t safe (but maybe a water filter could remedy that), for those of us fortunate enough to live in places where it is, this is such an easy way to do us and the environment good. It actually amazes me that companies got us to start paying for bottled water in the first place!

  12. john says:

    So what in the fuck is good for us to drink? What now bottled water is bad for you Lol this sucks…

  13. Amy Smith says:

    Urban people in the U. S. have regulated tap water with oversight & accountability. Rural & frontier, not so much. My town’s water is not potable, the town can’t afford to fix it and my primary care doc said in response to my complaints regarding water-borne illness was, “don’t drink it”.

  14. lily says:

    Even with a filter in my home my tap water smells of chlorine, i cant get it to my mouth without a horrible whiff of it …..i understand the plastic bottles are a hazard to the earth but recycle them and they wont end up as land fill….. im sticking with bottled water because i KNOW its better than what comes out of the tap….

  15. Baycenters says:

    It is estimated that 80% of plastic water bottles end up as trash. It's a product that we do not need.

  16. Kahu says:

    When we buy bottled water we are buying into the belief that we are not entitled to free clean drinking water. It is not a privelge to have access to safe free drinking water… It’s our right.

  17. Sasha Prokaski says:

    Hi everyone! Please if you love our earth look up the Blue Dot Movement. We need clean air, clean water and clean soil, also big water companies like nestle have been privatizing water all over the world, many places of which can’t afford life on its own let alone clean drinking water, since the year 2000. We need to do our part to not let this go any further out of our hands, to have good water for all living things and our generation’s to come. Hoping to sustain balance with natural law for mother earth.

  18. champak says:

    A Garden Hose Has LEAD in it's Plastic = not safe to drink from