David Sparenberg: NOSFERATU, pathology of the undead, a monologue.

Via William Harryman
on Oct 31, 2010
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In the spirit of the season, I thought I’d share this cool monologue from David Sparenberg that was posted at Ovi Magazine this morning. After all, what says creepy and spooky more than a black and white vampire? Happy Halloween!

NOSFERATU, pathology of the undead, a monologue

by David Sparenberg

NOSFERATU, pathology of the undead, a monologue

Pain is a broken mirror.  What?  You don’t believe that suffering is glass?  My eyes have been shattered by tears for many years.  Look!  Is this a human face?  No!  It is a mockery, etched in hell.

What demon, poisoned and sickened by life, who could have been saved from transformation to his evil self by one mercy of resurrecting love, sits now behind this thorny brow, bloat and filled with misery?  Brooding splinters have hatched within my corrupted soul.  The convoluted serpents of old, unhealing sorrows strike me with fangs of jagged shard.

Look, look!  Is any man made like this?  No!   But I am every man, yet I am none.  What gargoyle then is here, who could, like Quasimodo; the sad, disfigured saint of Notre Dame; ask of the world, “Why was I not made of stone?”  But stone I am and lack humility.

What is ‘Monster’?  A monster was once a man who has descended into the abyss of his sub-humanity.  Or else, ascended to the highest exploits of inhuman control and cruelty.  A brute can kill.  I am that demon who delights in the wild tango of torture.  Who, in dream or fantasy, has not danced as I have danced?  What lover has not licked the blood of his beloved from grinning, victorious lips?

Let he who is innocent of tyranny cast the first stone.  To all else, I open the veins of this delicious pornography of the undead.  Nosferatu!  It is the tree of shadows that grows in the savage garden of all living meat.  Blood is the juice of the greatest sacrament:  the addiction of life through the deaths of others.

My mirror is empty.  But yours, my friend, shows to you…read the rest here.


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