Ditch the TV, Get a Life.

Via Helene Rose
on Oct 18, 2010
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Television makes you dumb.

The television makes kids dumb.

Brain cells shrink with each passing moment of wasted unreality.

Adults give away their evenings becoming zombies escaping the realities of life.

Do you turn the television on upon waking from slumber?

Or do your children actively engage in dressing, making beds, and preparing breakfast?

Do you run to your beloved television shows in the evening?

Or do you engage in creative projects that benefit yourself and society?

Seriously, why did you birth a child if you are going to sit them in front of the television as if they don’t exist? They sit here, immobilized, unmoving, stuck with blaring information being thrown in their little beautiful divine faces. Their bodies forget how to move. Did you notice after an extended period of television watching how your child’s body forget how to move and to be? Your child has just given herself, her body, her spirit to television.

Do you realize this gift of life you are given? Give up your beloved television shows and let yourself become the beloved. Love yourself! Plan a road trip, explore your town, go the library, take a class, write in your journal, go dancing! Go for a walk around the block and collect pieces of nature in a basket that can be used in a craft project.

Get your children’s’ little tushies in the kitchen with you, actively engaging and participating in your day to day tasks. What does this do? This builds relationship, family, children learn how to live! They learn how to cook, they learn how to be.

Take yourself and your family outdoors into the elements everyday. Enjoy the snow, rain, sun, wind and become one with mother earth. Learn about mother earth’s beauty and teach your child to respect and love mother earth. How many of those G.D. money hungry earth destroying politicians spent their childhood days in front of the television and how many of them spent their days loving mother earth? Get outside now, before our earth self destructs!

Be with your children. TURN THE TELEVISION OFF!

I challenge you parents out there to Turn THE Television OFF and BE with your children. You just might like them and find that you enjoy your time together without the boob tube.

If your family is accustomed to turning the television on you may encounter a bit of resistance. From yourself and from your child.

Prepare your child the night before. 
Tell him, “Tomorrow we are not turning on the television.”

You have a right as a parent to do this! When they are of age to purchase their own home and television, then they can decide what to do. Embrace your parent power and with love give your child the gift of life. Life! Now, without the television, they can move, they can think, they can BE! They can use their imagination in play, they can become creative! In fact, go into their bedrooms and remove at least half their toys. They don’t need them! They feel overwhelmed with all the stuff. The stuff dims their spirits and takes their energy away.

Give yourself a mantra when you feel the addictive urge to find the remote. “I live my life! I don’t watch others pretending to live a life. I live my life!” Sing it from the mountaintops dear parents.

Albert Eistein says, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Your child may tell you that you are the worst parent in the world. Oh believe me, I have heard this one! But, they want you set boundaries, in fact they crave boundaries, they feel them deep down as love and caring. Start with one day, then two, then three, let it become a year of no television. Then, look back and evaluate if whether your quality of life has improved or not.

What have you created in this space of no television?

Can you see this is where we all crave to be? We crave to create, to share, to become artists and paint our lives for ourselves with the most beautiful sparkling colors of our imagination! This is your life! Don’t waste it sitting on your a$$! And please, if you invite us over for a playdate, turn off the G.D. television! I am sick and tired of being a nice girl. This is how I feel.

Much gratitude to Ben R. for sparking this idea inside me to write this!


About Helene Rose

Helene Rose, MS, is passionate about supporting women to live brilliant lives and founded Be Brilliant Network LLC to serve as a portal for women to step into their radiance. Her life experience provides her with a deeply compassionate perspective and understanding of the modern woman’s struggle for mindful living and feminine empowerment. She lives in Boulder, CO with her family. Read more about Helene >>> HERE.


14 Responses to “Ditch the TV, Get a Life.”

  1. milkmom says:

    Interesting. We do all of the wonderful alternatives to TV that you list here AND we watch TV. How about the idea of everything in moderation?

  2. Emmablue says:

    Probably because a lot of people expect their kids to bring them joy, the joy that needs to come from reconnecting to the Creator, and once they realize they are still suffering and now their kids are in the way of their fleshy desires, the TV becomes an inexpensive babysitter.

  3. Ben_Ralston says:

    Helene, I'm deeply honored to have some little thing to do with this 😀
    I love your passion, and agree wholeheartedly with you. Life is so, so short, and so precious, and too many people educate their children to waste their lives.
    As for going to someone's house and being subjected to T.V. blaring, it drives me N U T S.
    We have relatives who have it on through lunch. Sometimes the radio is on too in the other room. Makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time : /
    Nice writing – keep up the 'no more nice girl' thing, it works 😉

  4. helene_rose says:

    If everything in moderation works for you, great! Hugs.

  5. helene_rose says:

    Hi EmmaB.
    You've got me thinking my dear! Gosh, if parents were not so harried and slowed down a bit, there would be no need for a TV babysitter.

  6. helene_rose says:

    Hi Ben ~ Perhaps I shall write about "Ditch the Nice Girl, Get a Life" ? lol. 🙂

  7. helene_rose says:

    Well said. I appreciate your comment!

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  10. melanie says:

    I agree…
    I don't mind some tv, but I could live if I didn't have a tv
    My husband is a bit addicted…
    Withthe girls it is about balence. We go outside daily(weather permitting), we cook and bake together most days, there is daily art and crafts….Oh and yes, they do watch a bit of tv…just not all the time.

  11. melanie says:

    We do watch some tv(mostly they can watch childrens movies), but I don't pay for Cable or satalite…
    It is an unneeded expense. With out satillie/cable there is little to watch anyway…LOL.

    I agree with Helene and other posters, many kids do watch way too much tv. I jsut don't think it need to be an all or nothing approach.

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  13. Shemika Billow says:

    Just curious, but how can something dated May 25th have happened yet?

  14. @delabeaux says:

    We have tv… no cable/satellite but we do have netflix. We let our kiddos watch no more than one hour per day of something educational. Sesame street helped my oldest learn to count before she was one.

    HOWEVER. This column is spot on. Even if we have something educational on, they are paralyzed. The moment it goes off, they pop up and play. This is why we will never have cable and are phasing tv out to only special occasions for family movies etc.