October 30, 2010

Howard Jarvis: I’ve Reported You to the FCC.

It’s no secret of mine that I don’t align with the Tea Party’s agenda.  I find them offensive, ill-informed and inflammatory.

But I’ve been content to let the polls show the people’s desire (albeit along with my very vocal presence on Facebook).

I’ve been on the National Do-Not-Call list for as long as it’s been in existence. So imagine my surprise when I get a call tonight, at 8 pm, from “The National Tax Payer’s Association.”  It’s not a crime to call before 9 pm. But it is against FCC (Federal Communication Commission) Policy to call without giving me the ability to opt out of your telemarketing.

This particular organization called me from a private number and left me no ability to opt out of their marketing (which I never opted into).

Although Howard Jarvis is dead (peace be with him) his association is live and well. And they have been reported to the FCC.

Here is the link for the National Do Not Call List. You can register your number to opt out of telemarketing AND use this site to report transgressors.

And go on out and vote on Tuesday, won’t you?

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Read 1 comment and reply

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