Looking Beneath the Disguise.

Via Donna Freeman
on Oct 25, 2010
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Self-Awareness and Halloween?

Witches, fairies, cowboys, gangsters: children and adults garbed in costumes and disguises have arrived for Trick or Treatin’ fun.  Everyone has spent days and weeks preparing. They are dressed in their finest, scariest, most daring costumes. You are in awe of the creativity, of the variety, and maybe even a little nervous or frightened.

Soon, however, you realize that beneath that pirate’s patch is your good buddy; behind the ghoulish mask is your friendly neighbour. As you recognize people for who they truly are, you relax and are able to fully enjoy the festivities.

So it is with life.

We all wear disguises. We put them on as part of everyday life. They are created to identify, to protect, to deflect, and to camouflage. Some are extensive and elaborate. Others are simple and effective. You may make a clown of yourselves or dress up as a ghost of yourself. But can you recognize yourself? Can you recognize others for who they truly are?

Looking beneath the disguise is one of the most terrifying, yet exciting aspects of life. Discovering who you are, valuing your unique individuality, facing your fears, growing and accepting change. Then turning that same light on others; scratching beneath the surface to recognize their hopes, dreams, and apprehensions. Are they so very different from you?

Sometimes a mask may actually encourage your inner self to come out. Other times you use it to hide. Whatever the purpose of the disguise, awareness of who you are and why you do what you do is essential to living an authentic, mindful life.

Recognize yourself for the glorious being you are. Allow yourself to shine forth, being true to yourself in all that you do. Then search diligently to discover the wonder in others. By doing so you will be able to relax and fully partake of all life has to offer.

Photo by Alyssa L. Miller


About Donna Freeman

Teacher, author and expert on yoga for kids and teens, Donna Freeman firmly believes that yoga can be done anywhere, by anyone, at anytime. She grew up in British Columbia, Canada but was introduced to yoga while living in Cape Town, South Africa during her nomad years. She is currently learning acroyoga with her kids and enjoys practicing tadasana while pumping gas or washing dishes. Bob Weisenberg describes her book Once Upon a Pose: A Guide to Yoga Adventure Stories for Children as indispensible. For more about yoga for kids and teens visit her website yogainmyschool.com or the Yogainmyschool.com facebook page


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