October 5, 2010

Paint with all the colours of the wind. (Stories of the 2nd Chakra)

“Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality overcomes everything.”

George Lois quotes

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

Mary Lou Cook quotes

the 2nd chakra, svadhistana, (swa = vital force, soul adhisthana = seat or abode) I have also heard “sweetness” or “sweet spot” and “one’s own abode” . This Chakra is near and dear to my heart; the idea of energy centers and the influence of words, sounds, or colors was awakened in me through this chakra. It is considered the seat of emotions and is associated with the element of water; and is very tied to relationships, sexual energy and creativity.

I experienced how color could awake a sleeping giant. How light could change emotion and experience. 10 years ago I was a different person, a very different person (I suppse we all were, but I was nearly unrecognizable) Trying to squeeze myself into mainstream, I had my corporate job; I was 40 lbs overweight…I wore a lot of black back then; I was hiding, I was dried up and sad…and I was barely crawling out. Along my journey I met a man; a wonderful soul who would, it turns out, be one of my gurus; although he would have hated an implication of anything so spiritual.

I met a man that would become my love, my husband and eventually the catalyst to changing everything. Around the time I met him, I had recently quit smoking and had started down a path of regaining my health (and hopefully a waistline) He taught me unconditional love; but that is a story for another time. During our courtship he bought me a gift, that in retrospect was the beginning of the new me. It was a shirt; a simple shirt…and it was bright “creamsicle” orange.

I was mortified. Seriously, I thought I would cry, how could I graciously receive a gift that I wouldn’t wear, that Iwas afraid to wear??? “I’m not an orange person”; I told him. “Yes you are, you just don’t know yet, I bet you used to be and have just forgotten”…he was always so sure of himself. I couldn’t refuse, well I could at least try right? And that was when I felt it, how color can change your whole perspective. Standing in the mirror I realized that I looked alive and awake for the first time in a very long time…and that day marked the end of my black days and the return to color and light. Sure, his belief and love helped no denying that, but the way that orange made me feel; my green eyes standing out my skin looking brighter I could actually feel myself energized and that moment would come back to me again and again and lead me to my deeper study of the chakras. Little did I know then how important that experience would be until the catalyst happened…I had several wonderful years of little lessons just like that…although at the time I didn’t know they were lessons; and I didn’t how important they would be to my survival.

That soul, my husband, passed 6 years ago in October; that was the catalyst. My journey of health and rediscovery was well on it’s way; but that push is what brought me to yoga. And once again my lover was my guru; in his death I clung to the idea of energy; the experience of joy through sound and sight and the memory of unconditional love. Although the journey hasn’t been without trials his life and death were my guides and this, the 2nd chakra, seems most connected to his memory and his lessons.

What relationships have defined your life; what emotions have you been holding in, are you in touch with your creative nature? These are the questions for the sacral chakra. (the following are excerpts from www.allgoodthings.com)

  • Element—Water (Use water in every healing way you know: drink it, bathe in it, drink herbal teas: jasmine, hibiscus blossom, chamomile, orange spice.)
  • Endocrine gland—Lyden. Testes or ovaries produce sex hormones that are involved in reproduction. This is where mood swings can also take form.
  • Energetic Life Force—Desire, emotional identity, liquidity, creativity
  • Essential Oils—Rosemary, juniper, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, musk. Also for aromatherapy: musk, hyacinth, bergamot, coriander, honeysuckle, patchouli
  • Female Spin—Clockwise; Male Spin—Counter-clockwise
  • Flower Essences—Indian paintbrush, Lady’s slipper, hibiscus
  • Function—Creation of the species, creativity, emotion, sexual energy, self-acceptance, blood circulation.
  • Gemstone—Garnet, moonstone, orange tourmaline, carnelian, coral, amber, calcite tiger’s eye, citrine, topaz, fire agate, fire opal, orange spinel, pietersite, rose quartz, actinolite in quartz, orange zincite
  • Goddess—Rakini
  • Keywords—Lower vitality, relationships, connections to others, kindness, emotions, feelings, motivations, responsiveness, assimilation of food, warmth, reproduction, support of life breath, giving, receiving, sensitivity, your own place, self-gratification, mysticism, fear.
    • Mantra—VAM (called Chakra seedsby my teacher) There are meditations given later in this series for each Chakra.
    • Meditation purpose—Fearlessness, freedom from bondage. OM, aum with the tone of oh (as in the o of ok.
    • Meridians—Bladder: water energy Yang organ; kidney: water Energy Yin organ
    • Musical Tone—D (Re or ray)

    Asana (yoga pose) for the week:

    Bhujangasana (cobra pose) Although back-bending is also associated with opening the heart, creating flexibility in the lower spine is key to opening the 2nd chakra. Additionally in this pose you can play with the idea of “pushing down to move up”. If you activate your 2nd chakra and press the low abdomen into the floor and press away from that space you will feel lengthening and a greater opening. It’s as if by opening the lower chakras the upper chakras can then open even further.

    Wellness tip of the week:

    Get creative. Don’t feel like you have a creative bone in your body? Karaoke is good 🙂 OR you can always just visit an arts museum or attend a play. Try to make it something out of the ordinary and preferably live and interactive in some way. Although movies are art (well they can be) creating a new connection is what we are looking for. Maybe you write a poem (even if no one is going to read it) Break free from your constraints this week.


    inhale: I am exhale: alive

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