Review: Zutano Organic Baby Clothes.

Via Emma Blue
on Oct 30, 2010
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Luxe organic children’s clothes that won’t break the bank.

On a recent rainy night my five week old baby was sleeping in my arms while I engaged in a board game centered around naming sets of five. For instance naming five Meg Ryan movies (uhh we lost this one). Or 5 baby clothing companies, which was easy: Carter’s, Gap Baby, Old Navy Baby, Oshkosh and Zutano.

Zutano celebrates more than 20 years in luxe children’s fashion, “creating whimsical newborn, baby and toddler clothing.

Unlike the other above mentioned baby clothing companies, all of the clothes baby Aurélia and I sampled from Zutano’s new Itzy Bitzy organic line were crafted with exceptional thoughtfulness. The neck openings are wider than the stitching makes them appear thus making it easier to put on a wobbly head, the sleeves have pockets to tip over baby’s cold hands, the shirt dress is long enough to avoid bunching up and exposing a naked baby belly and the beanie caps are the most effective hat we have found thus far! The caps actually stay on her bald-ish head and the folds around the trim are perfect to use as leverage to slide further down the baby’s head. Perhaps the most impressive find are the “Cocoa” pants which are the only pants we have that don’t make Aurélia look like a thug or hip hop artist, in fact they compliment her slender knee caps quite nicely.

Zutano’s new organic cotton fabric is soft yet sturdy. My mother cried out “Organic baby clothes?!” astonished that anyone could be bothered spending extra money on baby clothing. Aside from being softer, they are better for the environment, the cotton farmers (those still exist right?) and the baby. Adding an organic line to their clothing line seems essential to support the Zutano mission of striving to support a nurturing world for babies to come into.

Price wise you are looking at couture-esque baby clothes for about double the price of generic corporate brands. A printed kimono long sleeved top costs around $23 and a pair of pants $14. It’s too bad that for this price the organic clothes (which are GOTS certified cotton) could not be made in the U.S.A—they are made in Macau which is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China).

I’ve been alive only for 25 years but the “Meadow Marsh” print looks to me like an updated colorful version of a classic print my parents may have worn as babies. Aurélia models a shit dress in the “Meadow Marsh” and “Cocoa” legging and beanie below:

Aurélia’s Zutano outfits stand out in a pile of mismatched baby clothes as the freshest designs with the coolest colors (though daddy is not a fan of his daughter wearing brown—while I appreciate the earth hues) and finest appearance and remaining unusually functional.  These clothes are ideal as a gift or to add a few exquisitely crafted pieces to a child’s wardrobe. This momma is hooked!


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3 Responses to “Review: Zutano Organic Baby Clothes.”

  1. helene_rose says:

    Aurélia is the cutest little baby model ever! When my girls were babies, we enjoyed zutano as well, so cute and comfy! Nice knee caps. 😉

  2. veena says:

    hey emma blue….can i send you an email? and if so where? maybe you don't want to post your email here? but i don't know how to contact you.

    i want to contact you about the article you wrote about Jun.

    I also tried to contact herbal junction and have not had any luck.

    anyway, i am interested to learn more about making jun. and ultimately am wondering if you could put me in contact with the person brewing it in Boulder.

    ok, hope you are well, your baby is beautiful.

    enjoy life.

    my facebook name is di veena cabocla, so you could send me a message there and then we can be in touch.


  3. Jade says:

    What is a shit dress? And where did you pull your sources about Zutano?