October 25, 2010

Sacred World.

Look around you. Look up, down, right and left. Close your eyes. Settle your breath and step into yourself with an open, trusting, aware attention to whatever becomes obvious in your understanding of what you are going through and the experience you are having at this right very moment. Feel your hands, your toes, your head, your lips, your heart, your belly, and feel the space you are.

Open your eyes and look up again, see the sky for what it is, its colors, the clouds, the stars, the planets, our sun, the moon.

Look down and find the Earth, the plants, the stones, the flowers, the grass, ants and little beings crawling.

Look to your right and in 360 degrees, turn to the left; people, landscapes, movement, direction, mountains, rivers, ocean, lakes, greens and browns and reds…blues and purples and oranges and yellows.

Touch the fruit, taste it’s uniqueness, hear the sounds, smell the teas…

Laugh at loud.

Welcome yourself into the Sacred.

Sacred is all the time, as you are, when you are, because you are. No explanation of how you got here, where are you going, where do you come from. You just are.

Whatever the storm, whatever the pain, whatever the doubt, will clear as soon as you see yourself through the eyes of the universal truth of existance…

The miracle of life, the miracle of You…


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Read 3 comments and reply

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