October 23, 2010

Sharing the Green.

Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-calibrate and then Share…

Clicking open the Elephant Journal, I literally become lost for great spans of time in the realm of thinking and impressive ways of being expansive and expressive in the way we affect the way the world works, shifts, changes, activates, and sustains itself.  That you are even interested in reading the content of the Elephant Journal demonstrates a willingness to be deeply resonant in the world and to angle yourself towards making less of an impact in a more impactful way.

We green our homes and offices.  We recycle with intention and awareness. We repurpose the unrecyclable whenever possible.  We recalibrate our thinking every time a new way of being is offered by someone clever enough to lower a unique aspect of one’s carbon imprint.  I think readers of this journal actually consider “the trash” on trash day.

We are drawn towards people, places and content just like us, those that reflect our beliefs and convictions.  We read this together.  We learn this together.  We share it in ways that others like us can read it.  We are living by example to be an example.

It may feel small and the global situation is certainly on the sheer cliff of a grave and serious state.  However, the world is certainly affected by our efforts to be in it in not just anyway, but the most conscious way we can be.

This morning, at Whole Foods, I extended myself in a way I had not ever before.  I stayed at the recycle, compost and trash bins a few extra seconds longer and gently taught an elderly woman to breakdown her breakfast containers into the 3 different receptacles.  She said, “well, that was a bit of effort, but if it helps change the world, a little effort is worth it.”

It made me smile.  I made a ripple.  I extended my interests into effort and now she knows.  She knows to make the world a little greener by adding herself to it.  She had heard of recycling and knew it was important, but no one ever really showed her how.

We know what we do.  Perhaps now we need to reach into other places on the planet where they do not know.  Maybe we need to not reach so far even and start in the spaces just beyond our bubbles and pause, speak up, and offer a little of embodied example.

Who knows.  Cannot hurt.  All it takes is a little explanation to create a little ripple.

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