STOP – and Smell The Flowers!

Via Lasara Allen
on Oct 1, 2010
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STOP – and Smell The Flowers!

You can take that figuratively, as well as literally. What are you taking for granted in your life right now? I invite you to stop and take notice of the things that make you feel good. Notice the grandly-sweeping elements of your life that have become a background hum. And, notice God in the details.

Notice the tiny drops of dew on the grass as you leave for work in the morning, and notice the feel of your home when you return. Notice the smile of a loved one or acquaintance. Notice the scent of your morning coffee. Notice the sound of laughter in the distance as you sit at lunch. Notice the color of the sky. Notice the sensation of the cool, crisp cotton as you pull your sheets up over you and go to bed.

Notice these things, and revel in them. Revel in the tastes, smells, sights, sounds and feelings that make up the moment-to-moment symphony of your life. Stop. Smell the flowers.

(Photo credit; my daughter Aurora, at 12 years of age, 2008.)


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2 Responses to “STOP – and Smell The Flowers!”

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  2. Abit says:

    i’ve been battling with a siailmr monkey-mind’ and can agree that it definitely feels like work’ to let those thoughts and desires go. aren’t forget-me-nots beautiful? i’ve just noticed a patch of white ones gathering around the washing line.i’m so happy you’re blogging again, h. xx