October 28, 2010

Terry Gross interviews Jon Stewart at 92 St. Y re: Rally to Restore Sanity, Journalism, Comedy, Integrity.

Video excerpt:

Terry Gross, consummate interviewer, is adorable.

We don’t do anything but make the connections,” he says. “We’re just going off our own instinct of, ‘What are the connections to this that make sense?’ And this really is true: We don’t fact-check [and] look at context because of any journalistic criteria that has to be met; we do that because jokes don’t work when they’re lies. We fact-check so when we tell a joke, it hits you at sort of a gut level — not because we have a journalistic integrity, [but because] hopefully we have a comedic integrity that we don’t want to violate.”

For the complete deal, 45 minutes’ worth, click below:

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Read 1 comment and reply

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