October 11, 2010

This Year’s Nobel Peace Prize Also Causes Controversy. ~ Tavid Bingham

The Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee Chooses Heat with Peace

Remember the hubub last year over Barack Obama’s reception of the Nobel Peace Prize.  “He doesn’t deserve it…” and “what has he even done,” were frequent statements heard on cable TV talk shows, and the story dominated many discussions for what felt like weeks.  But not even Fox News, maybe, could contest the Nobel Committee’s choice this year of Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese human rights activist who is currently imprisoned for crimes against China’s government.

After reports yesterday that Liu was “listed as the top pick for the prize” on UK betting website PaddyPower–yes people apparently bet on the Nobel Prize–the Associated Press reported in theDaily Camera today that Liu’s, “award ignited a furious response from China, which accused the Norwegian Nobel Committee of violating its own principles by honoring ‘a criminal.’ ”

Liu’s criminal activities are primarily based on his publishing of anti-government literature that criticizes China’s lagging democratization and unacceptable stances on freedom of expression among others.  He was also a key organizer of the 1989 Tianmen Square demonstrations–yes, the one were the tank almost ran that guy over.

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