Why I Practice Yoga…and Write About It.

Via Julia Lee
on Oct 15, 2010
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Growing up, I became quite accustomed to telling myself a damaging lie: “I am not good enough, will never be good enough, there will always be someone or something better.”

For years I destroyed myself in my efforts to achieve some measure of success, to prove that I was worthy – of what, I do not know. I would admire those with talent – the football star, the class clown, the creative spirit, the academic achiever – and find myself pale in comparison. I tried to be funny, and smart, and creative, but everything I did felt like a poor imitation of someone else’s life. Eventually it seemed that I was exhausting myself by investing all my energy in my attempts to cover up my personal plagiarism. What if someone found out that I wasn’t really who I claimed to be?

Then I found yoga—or conversely, yoga found me.

When I practice asana, I move and I feel the potent energy of my feelings rise to the surface, my hurts, my wants and needs – my untold story. I breathe and I begin to explore all that is within me, that which is good, and bad, and everything in between. As I practice and teach the magnificence that is yoga, I begin to discover my own voice, this incredible gift I have to share with the world. I learn how to magnify the blessing, and not just blindly take what is given to me but use it.

As I continue along my yoga journey, I find that there is so much to be shared. And so, I write. My writing isn’t just a choice – it’s a necessity. It’s a natural extension of my yoga practice. When I write about yoga, I don’t feel the need to be anyone other than myself. I can communicate my personal experiences honestly and openly in a way that honours myself and my practice. I inquire and investigate, and it is from nourishing these seeds that I am learning how to grow and flourish.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that “It is better to perform one’s own duties imperfectly than to master the duties of another. By fulfilling the obligations he is born with, a person never comes to grief.” My yoga practice isn’t about trying to become anything or anyone –  it’s about coming into who I already am. It’s not about being the best yoga teacher or the best writer or having the most popular blog; it’s simply about becoming who I am destined to be. I came to yoga not as an attempt to be somebody, but as a courageous first step in being myself. I’ve come to the realization that that too, is incredibly worthwhile.


About Julia Lee

Julia is a yoga teacher, lover of all things, and dedicated student of life. She strives to be open to whatever the universe throws her way and practice her yoga off the mat at all times. Julia believes that the best lessons can often be found in the most unusual places. She writes about her experiences at julialeeyoga.com and on Twitter @julialeeyoga.


11 Responses to “Why I Practice Yoga…and Write About It.”

  1. Joseph Boquiren says:

    I just finished reading the Gita. Its teachings are still fresh in my mind. Krishna tells Arjuna 'Your very nature dictates that you perform the duties attuned to your disposition.'

    Stay well Julia, and practice your calling 😀

  2. catlyn777 says:

    Good for you, Julia! That is your job, to just be you being you, your lovely self with all your perfections and imperfections and everything in-between!

  3. julialeeyoga says:

    Thank you, Joseph! I also just finished reading the Gita, so I'm glad you could relate!

  4. julialeeyoga says:

    Thanks for your support…I'm trying! 🙂

  5. Dylan says:

    Beautiful, Julia. Write on!

    -The Mad Yogi Poet

  6. indrasingh says:

    Totally relate
    Peace Julia x

  7. Right on Juila…great post! Thank you for sharing! I have found that contributing to and authoring my own yoga blog (capriciousyogi.com) is a far greater extension of my practice and teaching than ever expected.


  8. Nicholas Humphrey says:

    i dew YOGA because I used to suffer from EPILEPSY. I had all kinds of seziures & near death experiences here, where I live in NYC. I'm a Mentor/Coach to kids because I was not allowed to work or attend College since May 2005. YOGA helps me to "Breathe Easy". I can't afford to take a class but i have books, I read yogajournal every month & practice lots of its different positions. I also have a torn acl in my right knee & damaged ligaments in both knees. Those injuries came from 32 years of Mraching Drum Corps, & teaching Crum Corps & Marching Band. I cant dew YOGA anywhere & i usually dew since my muscles are always contracting. I will keep dewing YOGA for myself & introduce to others. I use the word "dew" often because of the only soda I drink "Mountain Dew"….YOGA!! Just Dew IT!!

  9. YogiOne says:

    All you need to do to feel better is do yoga like this (it is so tasteful and respectful you know): http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/10/tasteful-n

  10. Yogini# says:

    Blogging can be a form of meditation. I started a blog several months ago. But it is not a standalone blog on a dedicated blog host; I still have many fears of doing such a blog. Of my three most recent yoga teachers (other than my home practice, which is the overwhelming bulk of my practice), one has a standalone blog. On yoga philosophy and modern living.

    When a yoga teacher does a blog, it can be a healing way of reaching out to others, including current/future students.

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