October 9, 2010

Final proof that the point of yoga isn’t flexibility.

“This blog has nothing to do with yoga.”

Actually, it does, if you read it. There’s even a “yoga video” by Zlata and some “real yoga” videos about yoga with integrity.
The point is an important one: too many of us confuse flexibility and yoga, and so are ambitious in their practice. As Richard Freeman frequently reminds his students, those who are less flexible actually have an easier time “doing yoga,” because we reach the edge of our comfort and have to work with that with precision and gentleness, and without ambition.

Defining yoga is always tricky, but in Zlata’s defense (see images, videos below) she doesn’t present this as yoga. The point of this here blog is to point out that any of us can do yoga–whether we’re stiff, or no. Flexibility is not yoga. Yoga is practice!

Here is what yoga is all about, fundamentally:


Yoga Extreme III.

Ugh. Couldn’t even watch much. Zlata, wow! Ouch?

Final proof that yoga isn’t about bendy skillz—if it were, this remarkable lady would be the greatest yoga teacher in the world.

So: Yoga isn’t about acrobatics or contortionism—or yoga poses. Yoga is about “stilling the waves of the mind,” as Patanajli put it.

Super Human Elasticity.”

More videos and photos:

Yoga with Integrity:

Yoga & Eating Disorders:

Club Yoga:

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