October 14, 2010

Yoga tips

Yoga tips

Yoga tips

A state of yoga means being aware and equanimous – Of an even, composed frame of mind; of a steady temper; not easily elated or depressed, as you experience the challenges of being you.

Yoga is a practice of self observation

Self observation is attained through the breath

Breathing is the closest we get to our present moment. As we experience different challenges, our breath changes. When angry the breath gets agitated, when sad the breath gets short, when happy the breath is harmonious and peaceful, when scared the breath interrupts its flow, when jealous the breath gets erratic, etc

Knowing your self is the first rule in all spiritual philosophies. Learn to know when you are angry, when you are sad, when you are happy, when you are scared, when you are jealous, etc, in order to respond with wisdom, instead of reacting with harmful action, and bring real happiness into your life

Yoga means balance

In order to find balance, the unbalances must come to the surface

Make the time to do asana practice to clean your body from toxins, to clear your mind from negativity, to purify your electromagnetic field from chaotic interaction

Settle yourself in stillness to observe things as they are

To observe your unbalances might be a challenging pose to hold, the easiest path to recover your balance is to breath.

Yoga is a state of mind

When you wake up, even before you open your eyes, while still in bed, extend your body comfortably and take 10 deep breaths, bringing your attention to your breath, observe how your mind syncs into the natural flow of the breath and direct you’re your attention into your intention.

Remember your intention of the day, the month, the year, remember your life intention.

Hold that intention dear into your heart and then release it, trusting in the essential perfection of the Universe as is.

Everything and all we do at the physical level is an asana (yoga pose). You don’t need to have a mat, or go to a yoga class to practice yoga. When at work, at breakfast, at party, at creativity, at exercise, at relationship, always remember yoga is a lifestyle and remain aware and equanimous every single moment, moment by moment, breath by breath, remembering the benefits of holding a steady free flowing breath: your blood gets purified, your toxins release, your mind cleared, your internal organs healthy, your nervous system harmonious, your skin young and your relationships loving.

Learn to meditate.

Before going to sleep, rest your body, lay on your back and take 10 deep breaths.

Love yourself.

Be compassionate with yourself.

Be accepting of yourself.

Be thankful.

Oh…you thought that Yoga meant doing acrobatic poses with the body?! You thought that Yoga meant being more flexible?! You thought that a better yogi is the one that can hold a body pose stronger, longer and prettier?! Forget what you have learned, turn the TV off and read the sacred texts about yoga.

The ancient yogis, those considered as Saints, those who left written account of the yoga practice rarely mentioned body poses, if none at all. The asana practice is a meditation practice, asana means to sit, to be. What we know as yoga poses (asanas) in the modern life have been developed by yogis who understood that in order to remain longer periods of time sitting in stillness, a healthy routine for the body was important. Do not make the mistake to remain in your ego and make your yoga practice about looks.

The right measure to whether you are practicing right is not reflected in how strong, flexible or beautiful you look, or if you wear Prana or Natural Highlifestyle clothing and have an eco-mat to go with it, or if you go to class every day. To measure your yoga practice and know if you are practicing right, observe two things: you are aware and you are equanimous…every moment of your life.

You are awake.

Be happy

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