10 Photos, Videos: Cool Coops. {Eggs, Chickens, Pets, Backyard, Urban, Farming}

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on Nov 28, 2010
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My friend and I just enjoyed brunch this morning at Masala, a local veggie co-op house in Boulder, Colorado. Our eggs were not only local—they were sourced 15 feet away from our big dining table.

Pretty pretty.
Pretty pretty.

Want fresh eggs, mindfully and humanely sourced? There’s nothing better than starting your own chicken coop. Make sure it’s nice and big (Recommended chicken-raising guidelines advise giving each bird at least two square feet in the coop and four square feet in the run), well-cleaned, has ample heat in the winter, water, food and shelter from wind.

What other hard-won tips do you recommend?

I like.
I like.

Here’s a how-to site. Here’s another. There’s dozens.

Our friends at MNN have written about it. So has Inhabitat.

Here’s 10 cool coops I found online. Video at bottom. Email your photo of you coop and I’ll do a reader’s top 10 blog.

I like the wheels. Move it around from time to time, give 'em more to peck at!
I like the wheels. Move it around from time to time, give ’em more to peck at!

10 Inspiring Coops:

Top 10 Videos (there’s 1,000 more on youtube).


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4 Responses to “10 Photos, Videos: Cool Coops. {Eggs, Chickens, Pets, Backyard, Urban, Farming}”

  1. elephantjournal says:


    Alexandra H I want to help!

    Kelly Simmons The generosity of backyard chickens is a quick route to daily gratitude. You care for them like you care for your dog but every morning there's a little yummy present, often still warm, just for you. Every. day. It is wonderful. Hope Laura gets you going Way. Good luck! Kelly (aka, the chicken lady).

    Waylon Lewis Do you do chicken coops for folks who want yolks, too?

  2. candicegarrett says:

    I second that Kelly! I loved having chickens, they are very sweet, funny pets and very good bug control in the garden. Unfortunately our ladies were killed by raccoons a couple years ago and we tore down the old dilapidated coop. Can't wait to build a new coop and get a new brood going! I remember having tons of eggs to share, with anyone who would take 'em off my hands!

  3. Blake says:

    I love chickens and can't wait until we can keep them!

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