Christian Bigotry? Unchristian.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 12, 2010
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Wanna stop Gay Rights Agenda? Speak in Tongues.

Get crazy in the name of bigotry? Talk like the bad guys in a Tolkein novel? Works every time.

Oh, wait, no, it’s never worked, for nobody.

All I know is that if I were deaf and new on this planet and I looked at these two groups of people, I’d go with the Gay Rights crowd every time.


About Waylon Lewis

Waylon Lewis, founder of elephant magazine, now & host of Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, is a 1st generation American Buddhist “Dharma Brat." Voted #1 in U.S. on twitter for #green two years running, Changemaker & Eco Ambassador by Treehugger, Green Hero by Discovery’s Planet Green, Best (!) Shameless Self-Promoter at Westword's Web Awards, Prominent Buddhist by Shambhala Sun, & 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness 2011 by "Greatist", Waylon is a mediocre climber, lazy yogi, 365-day bicycle commuter & best friend to Redford (his rescue hound). His aim: to bring the good news re: "the mindful life" beyond the choir & to all those who didn't know they gave a care. | His first book, Things I would like to do with You, is now available.


8 Responses to “Christian Bigotry? Unchristian.”

  1. candicegarrett says:

    do you think they practice in front of a mirror?

  2. JinpaG says:

    sounds like inane gibberish to me … more ridiculous, and, well, untrustworthy than just about anything I've heard in quite awhile … other than the various other brands of bigoted religious insanity scourging the planet, these days. If Gay Rights activists were "speaking in tongues" (these people DO know that it's difficult to speak withOUT a tongue, right?), the religious right would either sit up and listen … or be very very skeptical.

  3. JinpaG says:

    laughing out loud … that's very funny. I'm gonna go with a "yes" on that one.

  4. Priscilla says:

    Gay marriage = spirits of darkness and immorality, really "pastor"? Once again this shows why I admire H.H Dalai Lama who once said: "Respect, compassion and full human rights for all." -regardless of sexual orientation. Go back to where you came from "pastor" and practice some compassion first.

  5. Roger Wolsey says:

    re: "All I know is that if I were deaf and new on this planet and I looked at these two groups of people, I’d go with the Gay Rights crowd every time." … me too.

    To quote one of the characters in the Jackie Chan movie, Shanghai Knights, "[He] may not know karate, but [he] knows crazy and [he's] not afraid to use it!" Happily, there are more contemplative (and a lot calmer) forms of Christianity – and even more happily, there are forms of Christianity that aren't judgmental or homophobic – and are instead downright accepting, affirming, loving, kind, and compassionate. (should be available in early December!)

  6. elephantjournal says:

    Amen. Thank God for Christians like you—ironically, your humor and compassion are inspiring, and magnetizing…whereas hatred and pre-judgement, as above, won't win any converts.

  7. elephantjournal says:

    "…homosexuality is not an accepted practice in Buddhism." In the past, perhaps. Now, at least in my Buddhist community, it's not only "okay" but fully loved and accepted.

    And why do you say that the Gay Rights activists aren't in the present moment? The only thing un-present they could do in this case, faced with such unreality, is to stay on the meditation cushion. There are times, a la Civil Rights, when action is called for. No need to be aggressive in one's protests, of course, on that point I'm with you—ahimsa is difficult but usually powerfully effective. ~ Waylon

  8. April Sherlock says:

    As a spirit filled Christian I speak in tongues, however I believe tongues is for your prayer time alone with the Lord or during group prayer with other believers, not on a street corner, or a "march against whatever it is you disagree with and have found a scripture to support your cause"