November 24, 2010

Dealing With Autism Naturally.

Many parents come to me after their child has already been diagnosed.   Most autistic child develops at a healthy rate, and then ‘suddenly’, their behavior changes drastically.

Some of the symptoms include:

v    Anxiety

v    Digestive issues

v    Increased pain threshold

v    Withdrawal

v    Aggression

v    Impulsiveness

v    Lack of attention and difficulty making eye contact

v    Issues with non-verbal communication

v    Lacking in verbal communication skills

v    Poor immune responses

v    Problems with social relationships

v    Obsessive attachments to certain objects

v    Sensory integration problems

v    Poor behavior, whining, or tantrums

v    Insomnia

Common causes:

Poor Detoxification

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Inflamed Gut and Microbial Imbalance

Food Allergies

Nutritional Deficiencies

What you can do

Have your child tested for heavy metal poisoning, food allergies, and gut health.

Put your child on an allergy elimination diet.

Avoid vaccines, especially those containing mercury.

Avoid amalgam/silver fillings, as these contain mercury.

Avoid all toxic cleaning and beauty products.

Feed your family organic, non-genetically modified foods.

Receive acupuncture/acupressure treatments along with herbal medicine.

Research what supplements will help your child.

I can help your autistic child with any of the above steps to have a healthier, more fulfilling life.  There is hope.

Live natural.  Live well.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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