Drummer Yoga Licks.

Via Hilary Lindsay
on Nov 4, 2010
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My life always had a beat to it. My Dad’s a drummer, my brother’s a drummer and my son’s a drummer. I spent years as a drummer’s girlfriend and decades pounding the dance floor to the beat of the drums. If it wasn’t for rhythm I never would have become a yoga teacher. Dance informed my yoga and it was the expression of music more than anything that got me going.

Given that, it’s only natural that I wondered what postures would benefit a drummer’s body and I thank my friend and student Ron Gannaway for letting me know what works for him. For the purpose of this video we couldn’t show you everything but I hope this represents.

Not just drummers but anyone who sits for long periods will want back bending and twists to restore the curves of the spine. If you wield drum sticks for hours at a time you’ll want stable but supple shoulders and flexibility in the ribs and spine to allow the flow of energy from the core through the arms without injury to the neck or lower back. The wrists and forearms on a drummer are more developed than most of ours and they require some tender loving care. Flex, press, bounce the foot to kick the base. Tap, slap, snap the foot for the rap on the high hat. The shins and ankles get crazy active too.

The yoga stretches in this video are a taste of drummer liberation. No video can take the place of a yoga teacher.


About Hilary Lindsay

Hilary Lindsay created the first comprehensive yoga program in the NFL with the Tennessee Titans, choreographed videos for athletes, introduced yoga and meditation to the Nashville public school system and continues to work one on one with private clients including the Nashville Predators. She has been covered by popular magazines and television shows and has worked for a variety of publications as a yoga expert. She authored a chapter in Yoga In America, a book published at the forefront of the discussion among yoga teachers about contemporary yoga in America. Additional writing can be found at www.bitchinyoga.wordpress.com as well as the Journal pages of her yoga site. Hilary teaches classes and workshops in consciousness through movement. Her medium is yoga. Her method is exploring the language of the body in light of the eight limbs. Find her at activeyoga.com.


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