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December 1, 2010

New Agey types, ironically, love to accuse others of “judging.”

People say “judging” is a bad thing. But pre-judgement–prejudice–preconception–is the problem. Judgement can be enlightened–prajna, or discriminating awareness wisdom.

Nothing, contrary to New Age mentality, is wrong with judging. The problem is pre-judging.

Lady Justice does plenty of judging. She doesn’t, however, prejudge. Notice the sword of “prajna” in her right hand.

We here at elephant try and do our share of “cutting through” that “Spiritual Materialism” stuff. Still, we get happy-yappy hippie-dippy love n’lightey comments like this one all the time.

I’ve included my response. Both comments took place are from this tongue-in-cheek blog.

There’s a certain positive nihilism to thinking we can’t or shouldn’t judge anything. It’s okay to see things as they are; to call a spade a spade. Poison? Don’t drink it. Cigarettes? No, thanks.

“It’s all good” mentality? Maybe later.

Some people call me judgey. I get it. I hate plastic, I hate turning the thermostat up, I dislike cars, I like bikes, I hate to-go cups, I dislike Big Tech social media, I hate conversations with someone on the phone, I don’t like shoes indoors, or feet on the coffee table…

Yes, I’m judgey. I’m like a young old grumpy grandpa.

But you’re judgey, too. “Don’t be so judgey” is a judgement. We all judge things all day, every day. It’s called discernment. The trick is to avoid falling into pre-judgeyness. You know, prejudice. That’s where meditation is
so helpful, and education, and journalism, and science. Keep. An. Open. Mind. But, too, discern.

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Read 15 comments and reply

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