November 12, 2010

Obama Gets the Middle Finger

A Kentuckian revved up his engine to race on the freeway, then peered over at me and flashed “the bird.”  I looked towards my husband and started laughing in shock, because I hadn’t gotten the finger in awhile.  Not even in Atlanta traffic.

We both couldn’t figure out why he wanted to race, let alone why I got the middle finger from a stranger.  Process of elimination went into effect.  Maybe our kids in the back seat frowned at him and that got his blood boiling.  Or maybe he was upset that our car was faster than his.

Then the “Ah Ha” moment hit us.  That’s it!  It was the Obama window decal.  He was ticked off that we were Obama supporters.  We let his anger roll off our backs and went on our way, taking the higher road of nonviolence and overlooking ignorance.

The most recent elections caused me to reflect on this incident.  My stand is this: I’ll take the bird for Obama.  I’ll stand up in any red state with a bullhorn and scream out his name.  I’ll cast my vote again and again for Obama.

People are too busy being ignorant and bashing Obama instead of supporting him.  I can imagine that people think being against Obama is what’s popular, not realizing that he’s for the “little man,” who is the blue collar worker that struggles to put food on the table.  Get off the movement to bash Obama, and jump on the train to support him.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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