November 10, 2010

Over the River & Through the Woods: Healthy Holiday Travel ~ Carolyn “The Healthy Voyager” Scott

The holidays are upon us and with it comes stress in many forms.  What to buy, who to visit, what not to eat, etc.  Traveling is another biggie but this year, you can do it right.

Check out some of these tips that you can use to keep healthy and sane this holiday travel season:

  • Eat before you leave the house!! You should always leave with a full tummy or you will be tempted to nosh on whatever is convenient.
  • Know before you go!! Know which airports you will be flying in and out of, laying over, etc. Most airports have websites that show what dining establishments can be found in each terminal. For instance, I know that the Delta terminal at LAX has a Starbucks (for my soy latte) and a CPK express where I can grab a salad or soup for the flight. Most international hubs have chain restaurants or familiar fast food counters that you can order up a healthy meal for your in flight pleasure. From a veggie salad or sandwich at Quiznos to a black Bean Burger at Chili’s To Go, there are ways to not give in to bags of pretzels and pounds of danishes to keep you from passing out on your flight ; ) The World Travel Guide site is a great site that can lead you to each city’s airport web site.
  • Stay Hydrated!! Seeing as how we cannot bring our own beverages from home anymore, the first purchase one should make upon entering the appropriate gate is a big bottle of water. Or better yet, pack your favorite glass or bpa free bottle in your carry on bag and fill it at the airport. This way you save money and you aren’t drinking unhealthy water or contributing to landfill watse. Above all else, staying hydrated during air travel is key to cutting down on fatigue and helps fight off the munchies!
  • Take your vitamins & eat your veggies.  If you’re running around and not able to eat balanced meals on your travel day, be sure to pack water soluble vitamin packets. In addition, there are many powdered veggie drinks that you can down and get your recommended servings of veggies a day to keep you immune system top notch when sucking in recycled air. My favorite brand for both is To Go Brands Go Greens and Vitamin C packs.
  • Stay away from caffeine. Drinking caffeinated beverages on or before a flight will keep you from relaxing on the plane.  In addition, it messes with your insulin levels and can cause you to overeat.
  • Don’t drink alcohol in flight.  Alcoholic beverages have double the affect in the air as they do on the ground so you’re definitely gonna feel crappy when you get to your destination. If you need to relax, grab some all natural melatonin to help you sleep along with some soothing tunes.
  • Pack snacks. Stock up on healthy bars, nuts and even healthy sandwiches.  Pack your carry-on with healthy goodies so you aren’t spending money at the terminal on expensive crappy food and you are sure to have something on hand when hunger strikes.
  • Sleep well the night before travel! That’s the toughest with the anticipation and stress that comes with flying during the holidays but it can be done. And if not, invest in a flight pillow, eye mask, earplugs or noise reducing headphones and a blanket. Bring all the comforts of home with you to make your air Z catching easier.
  • Plan ahead! Know where you are going directly after you pick up your bags at your destination. Home, hotel, family’s house, wherever – map out what is close by in case you need to pick up a snack or a full blown meal so you don’t keel over and start your vacation on a bad foot ; )
  • Don’t over pack.  You don’t need to break your back (or pay extra fees) just because you had to bring a pair of shoes for each outfit. Pack smart and it wil be good for you as well as your wallet. Plus it’s less to deal with when you get back home!

No matter what, air travel is a pain but hopefully the spirit of the season and these tips will help you get to and from your holiday destinations with a smile on your face!!

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