Preview: Boulder Blind Cafe.

Via Angela Raines
on Nov 2, 2010
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I Won’t See You There!

This Friday night, I’ll be one of the many people dining in complete darkness at the third Boulder Blind Cafe. I’m so excited to attend this unique event, and will certainly share my experience afterwards. Meanwhile, though, there are a few tickets left, so check it out if you can!  Here’s why I’m excited:

~ The meal’s going to be vegetarian and gluten-free (with chocolate dessert from the incredible Outrageous Bakery);

~ There will be music from renowned musicians in the One Eye Glass Broken Band;

~ It’s for a great cause: we’ll be raising awareness for visually impaired folks and proceeds go to the Boulder Guide Dog Puppy Raisers Club;

~ I imagine the experience of being in complete darkness will cultivate a different type of mindfulness and awaken other senses.

For more information or to buy tickets, check out the website.


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Angela Raines hails from "America's most dangerous city," St. Louis, MO. She recently moved to Boulder, CO (as one does) to write, do yoga, and sit. So far, this has worked out beyond her wildest dreams. She completed an editorial internship at Elephant Journal and still writes for them when Waylon reminds her. She landed a job at the company of her dreams, Integral Life, and is currently putting her third-person writing skills to work in her own online writing business, Conscious Copywriting. Her main teachers are Jun Po Roshi and Ken Wilber. She is an enthusiast of all things yogic, contemplative, and chocolate.


2 Responses to “Preview: Boulder Blind Cafe.”

  1. Ed Sun says:

    It was pleasure having you as a tablemate…looking forward to reading your review. – Ed