Safe gets Sexy.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 5, 2010
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Sir Richard’s—a brand-new buy one, give one vegan condom company—is, er, born.

“Safe Sex is a basic Human Right.”

A few months back, I was honored to give the first, tough love interview to the founders of Sir Richard’s Condom Company—today, half an hour ago, their first product was shipped. It’s a big moment for any company—especially one hoping to change the world for the better, and have (safe) fun doing so.

I just arrived in LA for a conference—my longtime Buddhist entrepreneur friend Mathew Gerson picked me up at LAX in the Sir Richard’s Condom Company VW van (you can see it, in pre-wrap state, in photos below) and I’m writing these words from his passive solar Mcube loft in Venice (see Inhabitat’s great video at bottom).

Driving from LAX to his pad, we talked about love and war (I mean, business) and finally rolled down Abbot Kinney, Venice’s main drag, and parked below Mathew’s place. We walked up to his loft. It feels like a treehouse—the walls are all translucent. The whole place is like a big eco-minded lego house—you can unbolt a wall and move it wherever you like, basically.

In the home-office, Sir Richard’s resident fashionista/powerhouse Tanya Jensen and Mathew quickly finished packing up a few dozen boxes. The condoms, outfitted in modern, dark, hipster plaid boxes, had just arrived and, just as quickly were FedExd all over the country—to university health departments (who give condoms away for free) and bookstores. Already, the condoms are available in a few Fred Segal and Paul Smith joints. Momentarily, they’ll be available in just about all Whole Foods, coast to coast.

Look for ’em.

Their mission:

At Sir Richard’s, we believe safe sex is a basic human right. Only a fraction of the global demand for condoms is met each year. With Sir Richard’s, you’re helping to bridge that gap. For every Sir Richard’s condom bought, we donate one condom to a country in need. We appeal to discerning, responsible individuals who seek to align their purchases with the change they want to see in the world. Doing good never felt better.

It’s an inspiring company—you buy one, they donate one to a world desperately in need of protection. It’s also a fun, stylish company—I can see teenagers and adults buying these proudly, instead of furtively. I can see women and LGBTQ communities embracing these caring, sensitive condoms on a mission.

Mathew sent me most of the above photos. A few, looking down on the FedEx truck, are by myself.

His pad:


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