What is Death?

Via Candice Garrett
on Nov 13, 2010
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“Death means, changing one thing into another thing. Change of form….A tree in the forest died. A napkin was born.”

Click here for the video of Swami Satchidananda talking about death as “change of form.”


About Candice Garrett

Candice Garrett is a yoga teacher, writer, foodie and mother of three from Monterey, California. She is author of "Prenatal Yoga: Finding Movement in Fullness," assistant to Female Pelvic Floor Goddess Leslie Howard and director of the Nine Moons Prenatal Yoga teacher training program. Candice teaches yoga, prenatal yoga and pelvic health with workshops nationally. You can find her teaching schedule at Candice Garrett Yoga or her love of food at The Yogic Kitchen


5 Responses to “What is Death?”

  1. Very interesting video, Candice. Thanks for posting.

    Bob W.

  2. Alden says:

    Haha, a napkin was born? I hope I change into something more dignified that an implement for wiping someone's mouth.

    But in all seriousness, thanks for the posting! Very good video.

  3. candicegarrett says:

    via linkedin.com

    • I just laid a friend to rest today.
    I think about life and what is important to me……and how important it is to me to live fully….and know who I am.

    • It's just a change of energy and form. But the essence is the same. We are eternal beings and death is just an illusion.

    • Tara,
    I am sorry to hear of your loss.

    It does bring it home when loved ones pass. I agree with what you have said about the importance in living life fully, to know yourself and your purpose in being here.

    People tend to think they have plenty of time to live. One day, that time arrives for the next journey.

    Best regards always.


  4. candicegarrett says:

    via linkedin.com

    • Amparo,
    I am certainly not an expert in what happens after death, but in my opinion, death is just as real as life. I agree with you that we are eternal.

    Some of us seem to know more than others about life, death, and other states, implying more experience, or perhaps lessons retained from experiences in life.

    There are differences in the level of awareness, and state of being, actually, these terms are one and the same.

    Illusions may exist in how reality is perceived by the mind, depending on the state of the mind.

    The truth is not an illusion.


    Reminds me of the way energy cannot be created or destroyed, it merely changes form.
    @Steve, Thank you… so interesting Candice posted this question/blog here… so appropriate for me.

  5. candicegarrett says:

    I believe that this ego is fleeting. I am not "Candice" any more than you are "allan". This is just your role in this life. I believe we have souls that carry some sort of impression (or karma) and that who we are (divine souls) cannot be lost anymore than my loved ones can ever be lost. They just ceased being "ruth and phil."The closest I can come to explaining it is probably gnosticism. One energetic, fully conscious source. (of course the chemistry major in me loves this idea). It does not allay the fear that we will cease being who we are. But, as some of the philosophies of yoga say, all this is "maya" or a divine play. We'll "wake up" and realize that we forgot we were just actors all along….