WTF Obama has done so far.

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on Nov 2, 2010
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WTF, Obama?


We The People love to complain. Wanh, wanh, wanh. But it’s so much harder to actually know what we’re talking about—to know what the executive branch has accomplished in a Culture of No over the last…well, only 21 months, so far.

So what’s Obama done for us lately?

Glad you asked.

Click away:


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18 Responses to “WTF Obama has done so far.”

  1. Shirley Kilner says:

    WTF are Americans doing for THEMSELVES ???

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Did you click the link and go to the site, Shirley? I think you'll find your sentiment evoked there, and then some.

  3. Brianna says:

    Thanks for posting this. I learned a few new things tonight :]

  4. He has done a lot more. Way more.

    We should be soooo grateful to him for waking up the country. If not for him we would have slid into decay and bled to death as a nation from all the nicks and cuts of gradualism. Instead, he woke the place up. Lit the passions. Got people interested in their government again. Reminded us of the words of the Founding Fathers. Re instilled our understanding of the Constitution. He gave new life to our desire to limit government and retain liberty. He has been awesome.

    Very troubled times ahead, but we will make it. We will re establish the Republic. Hats off to Obama. Dude has been magnificent.

    You forgot, however, to provide appropriate credit and applause for spooky dude George Soros. Obama could not have done it without him. Share the credit.

  5. Ben_Ralston says:

    I don't understand US politics, but the BBC tells me that voters 'punished Obama': so my question is – why?! I don't understand… you guys have a great president for the first time in… a verrry long time, and treat him like shit. What's up with that?

    It seems to me that most voting Americans just do what the media tells them to do…?

    Very sad.

  6. Rebecca says:


    Totally agree. I’m sorry to say that most of my fellow Americans seem to be doing JUST what media tells them to do…and what big business tells them to do. They don’t fact check, they just listed to the person screaming the loudest even if the info is just baaaaarely true. I feel like the whole country is full of crazy people.

  7. SOlo says:

    LIMITED GOVERNMENT ? what rock did you crawl out of this administration has done a massive Government overhaul take over, right in front of every bodies eyes and all people keep saying is its ok because Bush sucked how stupid people can be, Wake UP, This government now owns the Houseing, the Transportation and if it weren't for this mid election the Health industry too… I am grateful for some of his spending but theres a lot of wasteful spending going on people need a Hand Left not a hand out, than we have Killing of Babies, go ahead make it legal but don't make US tax dollars pay for it…Nuff said

  8. I feel that's the same as voters in most parts of the world. In the last election Scotland stayed almost solidly Labour and all I can see the reasons why is 1. Their dad voted Labour 2. Some old woman made a couple of mistakes 25 years ago – they don't take into account the 25 years afterwards where Labour screwed Britain even more! Not that am a tory…

  9. America needs an NHS. Fact.

  10. elephantjournal says:

    this is great stuff- only maybe the choir will read but not the ones who need to -the ones who could learn!!! seriously i don't fucking get upset over fucking ''f-bombs'' but i will not post this where my mother's friends and school kids could read it…and every one of them should read what obama has done- but they don't NEED to read the f-word, some won't read the f-word and others would only read the f-word…and most middle of the readers, most conservatives, most middle americans are left out of reading this because of the f-word …can i have a cleaned up version to present to those easily offended ?and , yeah, i am in Iowa (shame) where the people voted out the judges who opened up gay marriage and brought back a bush-esque Republican rerun governor from the 1990's!!! my mom's friends really should have read this!!!

  11. mix says:

    Javascript is void… Nothing happened. Interesting…

  12. elephantjournal says:

    Who said the above? Someone signed in under elephant. Not me. Remember to sign off, admins! ~ Waylon

  13. candicegarrett says:

    YEAH! what he said! Let's go back to Bush era spying-on-our-own people in the name of security!

  14. nathan says:

    Laughing so hard I'm almost crying. Glenn Beck – man, you're as duped as the those still glowing uncritically about Obama. This country is so screwed.

  15. laud says:

    Very well said Ben!

  16. laud says:

    That is what I like to call an irony at its finest.

    Do your research on Beck and see how "truthful" his lessons are versus how "untruthful". Then try your Arsenic advertisement again in reverse.

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