Ew! de Perfume- Chemicals that Make us Sick

Via Claire Amber
on Dec 3, 2010
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Why, Why, Why?

Synthetic chemicals in our perfumes, air “fresheners”, soaps, etcetera, are gross, unnecessary and harmful to our health. And they are so prevalent! I often carry my own soap in a bottle because I refuse to wash my hands with nasty “fragrance”-laden soaps. Our skin is not just a barrier- it’s a living, breathing organ and we need to respect it. It soaks up all kinds of stuff.

I learned from a Dr. Oz show recently that pthalates are often found in our shampoos, make-up and lotions and that we should avoid anything that says “fragrance” on the label. That got me thinking. And, I was a bit shocked, recently, to see that some of my now-formerly-favorite-brands have “fragrance” listed on their bottles, meaning synthetic, cooked-up-in-a-lab kinda fragrance.

Uh, Nature’s Gate? Why would you need that gnarly sharp fragrance in your “herbal daily cleansing shampoo” along with all the botanicals and herbs? Why ruin a good thing? Why put your customers at risk for health problems? Hey, people put that stuff on their heads! Ew!

Those chemicals stay with us, in our fatty tissues, in our BRAINS (which are mostly fatty tissues), in our livers, and are just more gunk that we then have to detoxify or live with. They can contibute to major health problems, such as cancer. They are usually found in body products, air fresheners, incense


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One Response to “Ew! de Perfume- Chemicals that Make us Sick”

  1. wyatteula says:

    I am using unscented perfume like pheromone. 🙂