The Who’s know what’s up!

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Welcome, Christmas, while we stand
                      Heart to heart and hand in hand.- “Dr. Seuss”

When the Who’s lost everything, they still gathered around the Christmas tree with their loved ones and rejoiced.  They didn’t need new cars, the latest trend in children’s toys, new clothes, money, etc.  They had the best gifts in the world inside their own hearts!  The Grinch couldn’t take that away from them. 
I know you all know the story of the Grinch, but we can learn a lot from it and it is always a good reminder.  Material things come and they go.  They can be taken away from you just as easily as you attained them.  The trick is to not become attached to these things.  Happiness is greater than having stuff.  It is within your heart.  True happiness and enlightenment can not be taken away from you. 
It is normal for us to attain material things and enjoy them, but try to not become them.  A new car does not make you who you are.  It should not be your happiness, your reason for becoming “better” than someone else.  It is actually nothing at all, it is not even yours.  You can not take it with you when you die.  Money is not ours to keep.  It comes and goes.  In a society where the ads are showing you all the things you “need to buy to be happy”, this holiday season, try to live simply.  Try to not get caught up in the “stuff”.  Instead of the gifts, focus on the events of the season; dinners, laughter, love, etc.  Those memories will stick with you a lot longer than a new outfit!

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Mary Holland is a Vegan, a yogi, lover of life and new found blogger. She discusses everything from freedom for all beings, vegan recipes and yoga. Check her blog out at Changing The World, One Veggie at a Time.


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  1. Evolve Yoga says:

    perfect time of year to recall aparigraha and santosha. 🙂

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