January 26, 2011

Destroying Authority~ January 26th.

The only real authority, or real author is reality… Direct experience. Everything else is suspect.

We know this, so we are afraid. We are afraid of our theories being dis-proven, our position being challenged. All of our ideas about reality, about the world we live in give rise to a type of paranoia, because we know they have no authority. Just one thought validating another thought… The ego citing itself.

Here is a reading from Jiddu Krishnamurti which speaks to this point:

“To be free, you have to examine authority, the whole skeleton of authority, tearing to pieces the whole dirty thing. And that requires energy, actual physical energy, and also, it demands actual psychological energy. But the energy is destroyed, is wasted, when one is conflict… So when there is understanding of the whole process of conflict, there is the ending of conflict, there is abundance of energy. Then you can proceed, tearing down the house that you have built throughout the centuries and that has no meaning at all.

You know, to destroy is to create. We must destroy, not the buildings, not the social or economic system— this comes about daily— but the psychological, the unconscious and the conscious defenses, securities that one has built up rationally, individually, deeply, and superficially. We must tear through all that to be utterly defenseless, because you must be defenseless to love and have affection. Then you see and understand ambition, authority; and you begin to see when authority is necessary and at what level— the authority of the policeman and no more. Then there is no authority of learning, no authority of knowledge, no authority of capacity, no authority that function assumes and which becomes status. To understand all authority— of the gurus, of the masters, and others— requires a very sharp mind, a clear brain, not a muddy brain, not a dull brain.” ~from The Book of Life by Jiddu Krishnamurti

You and I cannot dwell together in the same place.

Freedom and authority cannot co-exist with Krishnamurti


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