Do you still climb trees? You should.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 16, 2011
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I love to climb trees. It’s like rock climbing—it stretches me out and wakes up my body. It’s fun. Something about the act of climbing a tree brings me, instantly, back to the mindset of joy, of being a boy.

From BBC (well worth reading):

“Trees are generally in the background and we take them for granted,” he says.

“But when people climb them, all of a sudden they are aware of all the particles that make up the tree.

“Rather than it just being ‘that green thing over there’, they see the texture of the bark, branches going out and all the things that go into making it.”

American Apparel likes tree climbing, too. Though I think what they’re selling may be bare butts:


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4 Responses to “Do you still climb trees? You should.”

  1. *jj* says:

    <eyerolling> at American Apparel…

  2. Waylon Lewis says:

    Ananda L I love climbing trees! I wish I could build myself a tree house!

    Shannon T Ananda, get someone else to build it, or help you build it:), check it out!

    Colin S I climb trees bare-footed

    Wendy C Ⓥ So do I Colin 🙂

    Johann G i talk to trees. does that count? LOL

    Michael M Yes, climb trees, one day you won't be able to, teach children to climb trees and have a few broken limbs better than all the harness and hard hat wearing that is being informed on us.

    Shirley-Anne K I love climbing trees, its just getting tough finding ones big enough to weightbear, lol

    Colin S I'm 64&frac12; yrs

    Polly G Ahhhhh, it's so nice to find kindred spirits, even if only in facebook. Thanks Colin and Wendy. 🙂

    Ian W You're all so inspiring! I build treehouses for a living! I am so thankful for this reality. Colin you are amazing! Off with my shoes…

    Colin S ‎@=> Polly & Wendy. I am generally healthy & not a fitness fanatic, I am a little over-weight, I am an atheist, do not follow any specific philosophy of life & open minded to all, I smoke (tobacco), I drink alcohol and I eat what I feel like when I like.

    Alana E I love climbing trees and my little girl was climbing our apple tree helping to get the apple this year ;-D she is 4… my little 3 year old has been trying to get up needs a little helping hand though we love being up in trees… as a kid i was always at the top of a tree looking around hideing out ;-D

    Blair D Many attributes to tree climbing which I love. One in particular, summer, full leaf, sit at peace up there and experience the wildlife which does not expect you to be there… Enjoy.. Also get yourself a wee tree hammock and wile away the hours.

    Polly G Colin-I'm an atheist too, and a believer, and agnostic. It's not easy being me. 🙂

    One thing I know for sure, as long as I live I will climb trees…usually barefoot.

    Irl R I have been climbing trees most of my life mainly with a rope qnd saddle

    Lisa T I exchange energy with them & hug them 🙂 but no climbing- mild vertigo; I'm content just being in their presence.

  3. I have an immense passion for trees. I love them! There is something really magical and energetic about trees. They are strong, yet so calm and still. I got to be around snow covered trees all weekend and it was beautiful!

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