Heart Broken Open.

Via Kim Stetz
on Jan 10, 2011
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Photos via the author.

Smiling with tears
Swimming without fear
Laughing in the morning blizzard
Electric love

First cries
Last sighs
A kiss that takes your breath away

Feel another’s heart beating
Touch the sunlight on a freckle
Hands clawing like the flicker of a flame
Every pore opens

Prolong desire
Everything ends

Stay open
The ride is not black and white
There is much to learn in the grey

When a heart is broken open
Love is devotion
Selfless affection
Om namah shivaya



About Kim Stetz

Kim Stetz aka spiritual gangster lives in NYC. Like Ben Franklin, she goes to bed early, wakes up early, is healthy, spiritually wealthy and questionably wise. Kim teaches yoga, meditation, and offers holistic health coaching guiding people towards living their authentic joyful lives. You can find Kim on Facebook or her website. To never miss a post subscribe.


8 Responses to “Heart Broken Open.”

  1. Dylan says:

    Beautiful. Especially sunlight on a freckle…mmmmmmm…

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  3. Beautiful poem, Kim.

    Bob W.
    Yoga Editor

  4. Kim Stetz says:

    thank you, Bob. : )

  5. Reader says:

    Love. Love. Love. When I first heard those three lovely words… heart broken open… from Pema Chodron… I let out a deep sigh because it makes such sense. It's the way to experience it all, isn't it? You've incorporated that very well in this poem.

  6. Kim Stetz says:

    When I heard Pema Codron speak about living life from a heart broken open, i too felt that sigh and relief. I do my best to stay open, heart included.

  7. david l says:

    wow…… stunning poem Kim

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